YouTube SEO: Can low quality videos you posted in the past hurt your seo for future videos ?

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I have a very old youtube channel (10 years maybe) with some low quality videos and a few thousands subscribers.

Now I decided to give it go and make good quality videos.

But one question keeps coming: maybe the fact that this channel is old and with bad videos with very low retention, this would affect the seo of the new videos ?

Is it better to start a new channel from scratch ? even if its more difficult ?

Thank you!
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    Nope. No effect at all.
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    Yes, it can have an affect. A key component in YouTube's algoirthm is engagement metrics; older crap videos will have poor engagement metrics; this means that your channel might not rank as high in YouTube searches becasue of those metrics. It might also affect the rankings of new videos as if the channel has a poor history of low enaggement metrics, then that is telling YouTube that the videos from that channel are not getting engagement so might not be very good --> they might not want to rank them well as users are not watching/engageing/interacting with them.
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    You can keep the channel and upgrade the low quality videos. Starting from scratch you would have to work twice as hard building up authority.
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    You can do the optimization of your Youtube channel in order to keep your account optimized for SEO -
    1. Write long, detailed descriptions for each video
    2. Carefully research and select the right keywords for each video
    3. Embed and share videos wherever possible
    4. Curate themed playlists
    5. Watch your metrics, and grow your subscribers
    6. Optimize videos for the correct length
    7. Consider crowdsourcing views
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    yes it will effect
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    Yes, it will definitely have an effect. But, if you still are going to use that channel, optimize them old videos a bit, change titles, add descriptions, change thumbnails.
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    yes it will be effected as per new YouTube guideline
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    In my opinion , you should avoid low content. Even if you did in past , try to replace them with quality content / videos . thats the only long term solution.
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    If you can edit these videos and upload them again, it will be more beneficial.
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    No, It is not possible, after the 10 year there is no connection between low quality SEO and Your old videos because SEO is always working in present or in future. If you think that they effect your website then you can disavow link from your webmaster.
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