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Hello I am brand new to SEO and struggling. I have an IT and Software services website which I am just launching. I don't know how long it should take to start getting traffic and backlinks. But I am wondering if certain things are holding me back. Here are some questions about whether certain things I have done have been mistakes that are holding me back:

1. I got the domain name early in 2017 - and created a wordpress site live, but then decided to hide it in .htaccess so that users would get a 403 message, until I was ready to launch. But then the deny message taken away, and some pages got indexed, but I was not ready to launch it, so I hid it. I only took away the hiding in .htaccess about a month ago. Then I used yahoo local business and paid to have listings made. Most of them are live, but I am getting no traffic. Ahrefs only shows 7 links. Google webmaster tools only 6 - but they are from a redirect of the equivalent site in .biz
Moz shows 4 links.

I am wondering whether it was a mistake to let the site get indexed and then disappear for almost 2 years. Do the search engines think I am less reliable?

2. Only tonight did I realize that although the redirect of to was working the redirect from http:/ to, was not. I fixed this tonight. Would that impact google finding my backlinks, or ranking me.

3. I tried to create a google my business listing - bu it got flagged because I made a mistake on the address - added a UPS store address which they didn't like. Finally got the listing live, but my address is hidden - it seems like that has a negative impact.

4. The site is wordpress and I am using Yoast, but just really getting started in learning how to optimize each page.

5. I am familiar with Moz, Ahrefs, Neil Patel for helping out with SEO, but don't know others - can't afford them all - looking for the first / best to get with a limited budget.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Nothing is delayed, You Domain is strong as it little old & Google like old domains. So your Domain would have some authority as it's 1 year old.

    Redirection should work properly. If pages don't redirect on the right way. Otherwise, Google will punish it.

    This happens When we listing our business on Google map. So we face some issue but if your address is wrong so you can edit this to fill the right address.

    WordPress Yoast SEO plugin is one of the Best SEO plugin., You will find many options with SEO plugin & there is nothing to go anywhere. Yoast SEO plugin will guide you to fill the right words.

    If you're lacking with the budget but want to even follow Moz, Ahrefs, Neil Patel so you can go their free version of support.
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    You need to start thinking about link-building. Reach out for guest posts. You will need to write quality articles, but you will also get quality backlinks in return.
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    Don't worry your website will be ranked on google first-page if you start to create quality backlinks for your website. You need to work on these strategies

    1 - List your business website
    2- Take advantage of Guest posting
    3- Create quality content and publish it on your website
    4- Join communities and advertise your business
    5-If you have any broken links so work on it

    I hope this will help you to increase your website traffic and also help you to get ranked on Google
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    Sure SEO is about building links and all of that jazz, but your main focus should be on creating killer content.

    When you have high quality content on your websites that people find valuable, you're going to get links automatically when you start sharing your content.

    Many people focus on putting up the same old rehashed stuff and wonder why they aren't getting the traffic they could be getting.

    The reason....

    Putting up the same content as everyone else. Now, I'm not saying you have to come up with something so unique people hardly know what you're talking about. I'm talking about creating content that knocks the socks of your audience.

    Always put them first. Forget about you.

    Remember everything you do online in your business is for them and not you.

    Focus on them and you'll line your pockets with cash!
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    They say link building is the most effective ranking factor. Keep high-quality link building.
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    You just need to promote your website on various high DA and high traffic websites for generating more traffic and backlinks purpose.
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    It's not too late. Do backlinking on High DA sites. Backlinking building is must be the focus off-site SEO strategy. It is very much necessary that you focus on the origin of the links.
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    My advice to you is to start
    1- Guest posting
    2- publish quality content on your website
    3- make some advertisement
    4- make sure you promote your website
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    Guest posting
    Blog Commenting
    Social Media post
    Forum Submission
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