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I have a question on local seo. How can i get my business ranked on a particular street? Lets say my business location is: 47 Terrigal Street Maroyong 2148 NSW. I want my business to get ranked on this particular street, what techniques and methods can i apply?
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    Brother I think that's not about SEO (Search Engine Optimization),

    You can try market research around the place of the business, then you can find so many solutions,

    I am suggesting you,

    try, "word of mouth"
    use some hand bills, cutouts, banners with attractive designs

    you can print T shirts with the business logo and make the trust of the people with the business

    use guarilla marketing strategies....you can get some idea about that by reading reason thread below.
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    Hi Saad ul hasnain. You can register in google my business and optimize your listing in a proper way.
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    I think you can't do this by SEO. You can target any search engine but not street etc. If you want to cover very close peoples around the street then you must need to try Paid campaign like adward and social media marketing.
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    I was asked this question in a job interview for the post of SEO Analyst. I think that this question is not correct!
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    Citations and local links from regional sites in your target area.
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    Directly Linking to Google Business Place on Maps

    Hello Guys,

    I need your expert thinking here.
    In order to display in top 3 of Google Maps, we all know that Local Citations (along with site SEO) are needed.

    Now, my question is, what if I post a keyword (somewhere in a forum) and link that keyword to My Google Business Location?
    In other words, I am telling google that for a particular keyword, display my Google Business.

    Will that work?
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    exactly as a johnben1444 mentioned
    citations are the best its not so hard to get ranked as a local business, unless you dont rank in NYC or LA
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    The most valuable thing you can do for your local business is create a reasonable amount of high quality content. In today's environment, content is critical for both visitors and search engines.
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    Content focused on that street and area, then do authority stacking. It can be achieved you are referring to Hyper Local SEO. Google My Business is the best way to achieve this make sure your landing page has all that info in the content and Schema is focused on that area etc..
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    I think it might be around 2 to 4% possible because SEO is all about search engine optimization it not possible to target a street. You can target city as well as town. At that time it is not possible but might be in future it is possible.

    You can try local listing or business listing task for your business in local state site it might be give some response or you can make your google listing as far as best, I think it is the only way to target a street.
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  • Local SEO is ready a way to optimize your website to rank better for a local target audience. A internet site gives you the possibility to goal the complete (on-line) international. But if the target audience for your business is clearly placed in or near the city you have your workplace or store, you'll need to exercise as a minimum a few local search engine optimization as nicely. You want to optimize to your city call, optimize your cope with information. In brief: you need to optimize so people know wherein you're positioned and are able to find you offline (if required).
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    Originally Posted by Saad ul hasnain View Post

    I want my business to get ranked on this particular street, what techniques and methods can i apply?
    There are no special techniques but the same hard work regardless what
    you're trying to promote: shoe laces, street name or whatever your subject is.

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    Sign up for google business ( google map) business.google.com
    Get your meta geo code from www.geoimgr.com then put in your web below <head>
    Link your website contents to business.google.com.
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    signup in google my business, analyse local websites SEO technical, make Backlinks on the local websites and try to focus on Youtube videos
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  • It can be done, because i done it before. You just need to do right technique to do it.
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    Try paid advertisements. You need to run paid ads like PPC and facebook ads and target the local audience which wants to cover. It will help you a lot and also provide instant traffic.
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