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Hey all,

Today, I am going to share a free tip with all of you, especially for the beginners who want to learn SEO. This tip is regarding Meta Tags. Meta tags are an important part of on-page SEO. They play a key role in the ranking of a site. If you want to optimize your pages, first of all, check whether you have created meta tags for all the pages or not? If not, create them, if yes, check the quality of your meta tags by considering the following points:

Meta Tags consist of 3 parts; the Title, the URL, and the Description. It is very important to add the researched keywords in them.
  • For the Title, add top 2 keywords in the beginning. Remember, the best practice is your brand name is followed after the keywords.
    i.e. (keyword) (keyword) (brand name)
  • To get it more optimized, sometimes, people choose a brand name that is also a keyword. For example, let's say I have a domain:, here, webdesigning is a part of the brand name as well as a keyword.
    (Note: Keep the title short for homepage)
  • For url, you can use permalinks to increase your keyword opportunity. Let's just say I have a website seorevolution, and want to create a url for its packages page, I can write, where "seo" is again a keyword.
  • For the description, first of all, add 2 keywords in the start and then repeat them in the description characters by keeping a minimum distance between them.
    (Note: The best practice is to use exact match keywords rather than a broad match)
  • Adding keywords is not all. I have seen a lot of meta tags where keywords are stuffed in such an amount that crosses the pixel limit. If you say there are a number of websites ranking on page 1 of Google Search Results although their meta tags have crossed the pixel limit, remember, those websites have strong backlinks. For a totally new website, which is not well established, crossing the pixel limit in meta tags is a negative approach. It will take you down.
    To check character length, and pixel length, a friendly tool is SEOMOFU- tool. Once you have written a meta tag, put it in the tool and check its pixel length. Usually, the title length is ideal between 46 to 56 characters and the description length between 146 to 156 characters.

This was a brief overview to create good quality meta tags. Add your insights also!
Thank you!
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