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What is difference between nofollow and noopener, noreferrer?
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    Originally Posted by JamesSilverwood View Post

    What is difference between nofollow and noopener, noreferrer?
    From a quick google search.....

    "Nofollow means you're not endorsing the page you're linking to and that you receive money in exchange for that link.

    rel="noreferrer noopener"
    This tag when combined basically means that no referrer information should be passed to the website being linked (noreferrer) to and noopener prevents the newly opened page from having the ability to control the page that delivered the traffic."
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    noreferrer is used to hide the source of the traffic going from the website towards another website.

    When you add a rel="noopener" attribute into your coding, it prevents the new page from being able to access the window.opener property and will make it run in a separate process. noopener tag works as a security fix which prevents malicious links to take control over an opened tab.

    When rel="nofollow" tag is added in the source code of a webpage, it asks the search engines not to follow a particular link. It does not allow it to pass the authority to the specific website. The main advantage of using this attribute is to control the spam attack. There may be times, when you do not have control over what people publish on your websites, for example some blog comments and some kind of forum posting. If you are not using nofollow tag then indirectly you are inviting the spammers that will ultimately make Google to penalize your site.
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    The Noreferrer tag hides referrer information when the link is clicked. When rel = nofollow is added it asks the search engines not to follow the specific link.it does not pass authority to the website.the main advantage of rel=Nofollow is to control the spam link.Noopener is another property that gives you granular control for webpage performance and security when accessing content on a new window,the Noopener directive will block access to window.
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