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Hey, was wondering if anyone has any backlink strategies to get a good amount of backlinks to a website aside from the normal strategies out there.
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    Well, it is not the quantity, it is the quality.

    I would suggest not looking for shortcuts and find a few niche-related, high-quality links. And spend a ton of time doing onpage and internal linking.
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    I'm going to share my experience. When I was creating a competitor list for my client I found some pages those PA were 15 to 19 and DA were 17 to 20 but they had 1k+ backlinks that they created.

    And i got some page who have 20-70 backlinks but PA and DA were 40 to 50.

    So You can make a strategy 1st 2 weeks -

    Focus your main keyword to your title, domain link and H1 tag.
    Use Anchor text.
    Post Image.
    Every week post an article (800-1500 words) article to your site.
    Active your all social media sites (twitter, facebook. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, quora etc) and talk about your page and focus your main keyword.
    Directory Submissions

    After 2 weeks make another strategy for your site.
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    Pretty much all of the legitimate ways of getting backlinks are outlined by Brian Dean in his How to Build Backlinks Guide. Most of the rest of the "easy" backlinks you hear people talking about are a complete waste of time because they will do nothing to help you rank well (and in some cases, could do the exact opposite).
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    Hi Lukeo,

    A backlink is not just about creating in quantity, it's about quality. I would suggest Content, it is a King in SEO and that'll help you to gain a good quality of backlinks for your site.

    Hope this little one suggestion will help you.
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      Yes you are right, quality of content is the king of SEO.
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    Yes, my experience is that the most important thing this day is readable content, the mistake that most people make is that they have content and they do it in a hurry, that's thin content. Never copy content too. Just do it at an easy pace, every week one good human readable article that is interesting to read. That will be the future of the google algorithm because they want people to find what they search.
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    When it comes to backlinking, Quality is more important than Quantity. For overall SEO scenario Content is the King and one must post genuine and relevant content.
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  • Hi,
    do blog commenting, guest posting, local listing, forum submission, social media sharing timely.
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      Originally Posted by Sleekinfosolutions View Post

      do blog commenting, guest posting, local listing, social media sharing timely.
      Case in point about getting bad backlinking advice (above).

      Blog commenting is a link you can place yourself. Comment links are useless for SEO, although they might get you some traffic if they don't get deleted by the blog (and maybe get you permanently banned). Most are nofollowed, too (a least on any blog worth even appearing on).

      Same goes for social media sharing. It's fine for traffic but the links are nofollowed and worthless for SEO.
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        Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

        although they might get you some traffic

        In today's world it is also very unlikely. Instead of commenting doing good forum posting might get some traffic. Even though no help to SEO from that also.
        SEO Motionz Forum & Blog- Digital Marketing Forum & Blog,
        Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    Following are the ways which you can use for gaining backlinks:
    1) Guest post
    2) Local Listing
    3) Business Listing
    4) Forums
    5) Blog commenting on third party links.
    6) Social Bookmarking sites
    Beside this, content is the king of SEO and that will help you to gain backlinks.
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    Try linking your site with the local news site, search engines (especially google) loves it. And for a quick ranking within some week you can use forums.
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    Yes, spend your time internal linking and onpage
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    The best way is to write a great article and get many people to link to it.
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    First of all, quality is better than quantity! If you do on quality backlinks that your SEO should be strong. You will get more traffic on your website. Now, you're thinking what I get quality backlinks. I am telling you about the best strategy. The first strategy is Blogging, quality blogs help your website. Next, forum discussion, Infographics, get SOCIAL, Start guest blogging, Email marketing, etc. Please focus on quality than quantity. Whenever you do check High DA websites. if you do on any website without checking their DA. then you are doing nothing, no benefits of that.
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    Well guest post Strategy working for me . if your website new then you need to work on tiers and after 2 or 3 month you should start paid work on your website when keywords start to appear . now time to outreach and paid guest post relevant blogs .
    Smmpoint has the vision to provide real and fast Social Media Services. And help people to boost their brands in short period. Get Free Instagram Likes just give me username :)
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  • Hi,

    create and post original and informative content to get high-quality backlinks
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    You may want to try earned editorial backlinks through HARO also. I've gotten 75 DA links through it.

    You'll need to be knowledgeable and it does require flexibility. I have about a 33% chance of getting a link when I respond within 30 minutes of the inquiry being posted.
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    Thanks for everyones suggestions, essentially what I am getting from this thread is just to focus on content which is number one, do on-page and internal linking, I can use things like haro to get backlinks which is legit but by all means just do things by the book!
    Thanks for everyones help!
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    People are lazy to do there own research.

    Publish content so well researched and easy to digestible that people go wow this is interesting. You can get a lot of links this way

    Also, try to build any tools in your niche for free to the people coming to that tool and that would earn you so many backlinks.
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    You can try 301 redirecting expired domains. It's like getting all the backlinks the other site has all at once.
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    Can backlinks from podcasts improve rankings?
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    Hi Lueko,
    A quality backlink is a connection that originates from a website that is highly trusted by both search engines and searchers alike.

    In other words, not just the robots trust the website, but the real people trust the website as well.

    Advocates for this side of the argument would say the better the connection is the more trustworthy the website and the greater domain authority.
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    when dealing with backlinks you have to put in mind that its not the quantity that matters as much as the quality of those backlinks you are building
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