Difficulty in getting clicks on google despite high impressions

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Hello great warriors

I've been having serious difficulties in getting clicks on google organic search despite having high impressions.

I basically get between 400 - 500 impressions per day and my CTR is just at 0.2 which is really, really poor.

At first i bought into the whole advice of "change your title and meta description" story. I have optimized my title and meta descriptions. I even observed the titles and meta descriptions of the top ranking sites to make sure I'm well on track

I don't steal their titles or descriptions or anything like that.. but i make sure mine's are well optimized, click friendly and all that, just as much a theirs. Yet I'm still getting poor results.

I don't know what is wrong, or what to do right now and i just feel like drinking a whole bottle of clorox (not really). Please help. And as usual, advice and criticisms are highly welcomed.

Thank you

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    Hard Work require
    Ned to do link building, focus on the content marketing.
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    Your CTR is really poor right now. I think your content title, meta description and URL are not really eye catchy or Something irrelevant.
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      Thanks a lot for the advice sir

      I assure you they are not..

      as a matter of fact, i can even boldly say they are better than most of the titles and meta descriptions on page 2 of the keywords i rank for... At least
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    1. do a site colon search and check whether your meta tags (meta titles & meta descriptions) are well within the character limits.

    2. If you are using a brand name in description, you can use a green tick mark just after your brand name, no space. DO NOT DO THIS IN META TITLE.

    3. You have all the KW that are showing the impressions. Put them on Google and check the results. Search for your targeted location.

    4. Analyse the search results' meta tags and compare them with yours.

    5. Add content (text, image, videos) on your page, if possible.

    6. Share your updated page on social media accounts.
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    Where do you actually rank for terms that get traffic? Impressions simply mean someone saw you in the SERPS. If you want a higher CTR, you'll need to make sure your ranking in the top 3 or at least the top 5 organic results.

    Writing a catchy meta description and a proper title can help as the others have suggested, but that's only a small part of your total on-page optimization. I'd make sure you've done all the on-page tasks first then focus on links to get higher ranking in the SERPs...Hardly no one clicks on anything past the top 3, so that could be your problem.

    Blake Akers

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      If I Google one of your keywords and you are on page 5, Google counts it as an impression. If you are on page 5, you are not getting a click from me.

      To improve ctr, improve your position in the ranks for keywords people use.

      Also, if you rank for irrelevant keywords, your ctr will be low.

      Say you wanted to rank for
      low down payment mortgages for people with bad credit
      And you are #1 for low car insurance quotes for homeowners with bad credit
      your ctr would be low.

      Check what webmaster tools shows for keywords and yor position.
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      Thanks a lot for this..

      I really assume so. Because my average position as shown by my search console is about 63.5 or so...

      That's most probably like page 6 or something. So I guess i need to appear way higher in search results to see changes
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        if your position is 63.5, then most of the impressions could be of the bots as humans don't go to the even 2nd page (most of the times). The good thing is the search engine bots knows you have something related to the first page search results.

        i will recommend you to analyse your competitors (which are close to your DA PA) and try to beat them first. Its a ladder. One competitor at a time.
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          I will certainly try to do that.. thanks a lot
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      Can you explain what you mean by "on page tasks?"
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    Things You Can Do To Improve Your AdWords CTR Right Now
    Start generating urgency with countdown timers.
    Use ad extensions to increase visibility.
    Use symbols to get attention.
    Put the main keyword you're bidding on in the URL of your ad.
    Call your readers to action to get the click.
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    You should work on your post headlines and make your meta description as attractive as possible.
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