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Hello there!

I plan on writing a PDF e-book. The goal is to acquire links from a wide variety of governmental websites, as I've noticed they often use PDF's here in my home country (Denmark).

I see a lot of different ways to acquire the links, so I am just wondering, how you see the SEO benefit from each of them.

...Below are the 3 ways of linking I see. If you see any other, please let me know! :-)

1) They take my PDF and upload to to their website. I get a link back because I included a link in the PDF itself
- Pro: Should be the easiest way to convince them of linking, as I don't have to ask specifically for a link
- Con: The link is coming from the PDF = exact same content spread across many websites. Would Google even give value to this link? What are your thoughts?

2) They link to the PDF file on my domain
- Pro: Still relatively easy to convince them to do, as I just send them a link to the PDF.
- Con: I am unsure as to how much links to a PDF benefits my domain, but it's more or less treated the same as links to any other pages, isn't it?

3) They do 2 or 3 and in addition to this I ask for a link citing me as the source right after where they link to the pdf ("Source: [LINK TO MY WEBSITE]")
- Pro: Seems like this would definitely be the strongest type of links, as the links I get would be very varied in nature and go back to a html page.
- Con: People might be a bit more on the fence about linking.

What are your thoughts? What is the best strategy for PDF linkbuilding in your opinion?
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    I think before you consider a strategy for this you need to first verify that you have a diverse link profile with many types of links from a decent number of referring domains.

    If that's the case and time permits, don't limit it to one strategy. I wouldn't make either A or B the largest source of links going to your site unless that's in line with competitor averages (doubtful). You can check that with AHREFS easily enough before you even consider starting this. You may find that your competition has a link profile with a lot of other stuff you're missing that needs to be addressed before you put a lot of effort into something like this PDF sharing idea.

    At least that's how I approach link-building. I find the easiest to acquire links that are still quality and also present in most of the competitor link profiles I've studied. This will give you the biggest ROI early on in a campaign and you can work up to more labor intensive links like the ones you propose later on in the campaign.

    Blake Akers

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    Originally Posted by guffehamselv View Post

    3) They do 2 or 3 and in addition to this I ask for a link citing me as the source right after where they link to the pdf ("Source: [LINK TO MY WEBSITE]")
    Under normal conditions if they are interested in content of your PDF,
    then you can ask and they should to oblige your request either to link
    to source in your site or to point to author of PDF by placing link to you.

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