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I have a question about optimizing for local business.....
All the pros tell you to optimize for local and 'Near Me' searches.
Can or Should you put the exact word "Local" in your business name? ....
Example business name; "Kay's Local Landscape Service"
Does the exact word "Local" do anything for SEO, or is it too spammy??

Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Local where, in India, China, Russia, USA?
    Just claiming that "somewhere" is local without attaching specific place doesn't make it local.

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    I don't think that's how local SEO work.
    If you want to optimize for a specific country. You need to get backlinks from sites of that country, get your site registered on different business directories and properly optimize your google business listing and local NAP citations (be consistent).
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    Have you ever searched for something using the word local? Neither has anybody else.

    But if someone in Delhi, India, searches for something using the word local, a site of some business in Paris, France would pop up, if it was optimized for the keyword that had the word lical in it; and a site in Santiago, Chile; and one in Sydney, Australia.

    In other words, do not do it.

    If you want people from City A to find you; make sure you get citations from sites about City A too. Get listed in local directories.
    Use the address consistently.

    Get backlinks too.

    Originally Posted by jkay6123 View Post

    I have a question about optimizing for local business.....
    All the pros tell you to optimize for local and 'Near Me' searches.
    Can or Should you put the exact word "Local" in your business name? ....
    Example business name; "Kay's Local Landscape Service"
    Does the exact word "Local" do anything for SEO, or is it too spammy??

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Local SEO doesn't work that way.
    For local SEO you have to target the keywords specific to a city or a local area.
    Example: If you are targeting Mumbai India then business name should be "XYZ Landscape Services Mumbai"
    The Local doesn't work for any specific area.
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    You could build an email marketing campaign by collecting and storing contact information from your immediate area, then craft a message providing value with your workshop.
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    Using "Local" actually don't make any sense and do agree with most of the replies above. In local SEO, you need to identify the geographical location and understand keywords. Thereafter, you need to go for local listings, classifieds and have to use the area name in keyword. "Near Me" is a good key phrase but this again has to be used with the area name where you wish to popularize your business.
    Thoughtful Minds - All about SEO, Digital Marketing and Content
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    As "webcontent" pointed out, simply using the word "local" will do nothing to help your geo-location business.

    To target an actual geo-location, you will have to target that geo-location keyword, ex "Baltimore Dentist".

    To get examples for what people are searching for in that location, you could use tools such as "Google Trends" and "Google Keyword Planner".

    As always, make sure you understand the keyword difficulty of the term you are trying to rank for.
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    Thank You All!
    I am pretty new to online advertising (as you could tell from my stupid question).
    It is very confusing to hear "Optimize for Local" when you do not know what exactly that means.
    I am right in between 2 counties, Los Angeles and Orange County California. I would like to be found in both. There are Thousands of cites so it is impossible to pick just 1 city name to add to the business name.
    I just found this site not too long ago, so I will definitely be scouring it for all the advice I can get.
    Again, Thank You Guys.
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    No, It you don't need to add Local to your keyword. Just what you have to remember is doing a Good Local Citation for your business. Local Citation is entering your business details in various directories with Phone No, Business Name, E-Mail Id and a short description.

    Just remember the information you provide in local directories must match with the information you have written on your website. That would create a good impact on your Local Results.

    Also use Google Business to register your business. It will create a business listing in a map.
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    Local Business Optimization will require consistent citation of complete details of the business in particular area or location. Only one business per listing and no redundant submissions.
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    Local optimisation does not mean that you use the word local. near me, around Miami, in Kingstone will serve the purpose.
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    Here "Local" corresponds to City level business for SEO optimization. You can check your business location, service area and from where the reviews are coming from. It would be great if your service area and review location matches.
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    When it comes to local SEO, one of the most important thing is to optimize your Google My Business Listing with accurate data such as NAP(Name, Address, Phone Number). It should match to your website NAP. Make sure that your business is verified by Google. DO the same for bing.
    Apart from Google My Business listing, following are some main factors you need to concentrate on -
    Local Citations - A citation is any online reference to your NAP. Google considers it as one of the local signals and rank your listing as well as website accordingly. Make sure your NAP is consistent throughout all local listing sites and niche directories. You can build citations by category and the city.
    Onpage Optimization - To get your local rankings for your targeted location, the best practice is to create separate page for the cities your business is present. This will help Google to understand and rank organically in places where you may not have a physical office. Include city in Title, description, Headings and in the page content.
    Google Map - Embed a Google Map on you website for easy location finding.
    Schema.org - Make sure that your Business Name, Address and Phone Number is present on your website in Schema format.
    Local Reviews - Try to get reviews on GMB page as well as other top local reviews sites. Claim or register your business review sites to generate more positive reviews.
    Link Building - Get some link to your website by performing activities like Guest Posts, Question and Answers on the local community sites, Forum participation. Also offer services, sponsorships, scholarships and host events. Get featured on sites with .edu, .org, and .gov domains.

    Want to Future-Proof Your Online Business? Make Your Website SEO Friendly. Click here -> https://www.radon-media.com

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