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I am doing a bit of SEO for myself since 2007. I achieve great results without having to hire an SEO agency. I focused on local SEO, up to 50 km from my location. But for some reason, all my keywords are losing rankings over the past year in favour of SEO companies that have nationwide campaigns. For my main keyword "carpet cleaning" i used to control the market since 2005. But now, a company from 450 km away is listed as first in my area. I thought that my searches are not set right, so i did few searches with the locally settings. yes, they are all over the place.

Their 1st position on my area is irrelevant because they don`t do business around here. I have also noticed few american companies listed on the first page for carpet cleaning, in Ireland.

I am looking for a bit of advice. Should i change strategy and start pushing my SEO all over the country or this is just a glitch or something?

Thank you

Carpet cleaning Dublin
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    You need to work on the LOCAL SEO.
    #you need to a local business schema.
    #Add your google map listing iframe code on the website.
    #Increase reviews regular basis.
    #Keep updating your google listing like add new images and post.

    I am sure this will help you.
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    Have created foundation Branding links, citations, press release, use guess posting?
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    • Hi

      SEO is good. I get a lot of work. I am not complaining. I have hundreds of articles on all relevant blogs and article posting website, tens of quality ads, great & bad links but i am working on it to disavow the bad ones.

      But if i post 10 articles and my competition posts 20, then i do 100 and they do 200, at some point some one will give up

      I use SEmrush for checking links and content

      Eco Carpet Cleaning Services For Fair Prices!

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    Can i get your site link? i want to check.
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    1) Get listed locally in all directories
    2) keep your contact information consistent across all of the directories where you are listed. This not only boosts your SEO, but also helps keep your branding correct.
    3) Google is the largest existing search engine. Google My Business can give you huge visibility, especially locally.
    4) Use keywords in your blogs and on web pages that people will use to look for your business, and add location keywords to them. For example, if you are a dentist in Charlotte, you may want to use these local keywords: North Carolina dentist
    5) Get backlinks from authoritative sites

    Hope this will help you.
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      I have done something similar for a website that I am working, however, results are not very impressive. Not sure why.
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  • thank you

    some very good points

    Eco Carpet Cleaning Services For Fair Prices!

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    Hi, the issue is you are targeting the main keywords only and telling G you are actually doing all to promote your site on these local keywords. Other than Google Map, local listings, you should take help of LSI/Long Tail keywords. They are less competitive and Google is bound to give ranking. Once you start getting traffic, nothing could stop you.
    Thoughtful Minds - Offering Content writing, Copywriting that Search Engines and user both love.
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    One reason for companies ranking higher than you is domain authority. A domain with with 90% link influence score will rank better than a domain with 60% (LIS). Also how long is your word length compared to theirs? Is it high quality content? Do your headings and subheadings have targeted keywords in them? How well is your on-page SEO compared to theirs. Are you using main keyword in your anchor text? How many backlinks do you have compared to your competitors? Its important that you put the user first. What is the user trying to solve when they type in your keywords in google. How can you solve their problems? Are you utilizing external and internal links? Embed youtube video using targeted keywords and integrate google maps to gain more relevancy in search engines. These are just a few questions and actions you can do to improve your rankings.
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    I have experienced something similar in the past. Not sure how they do it. I have seen a spammy company with no relevance having more than 20 top listing on google local listing and I have reported those as scam, but they are still there.
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    At First, Make Proper and Genuine Google my Business Account for better Local SEO.
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    you have a lot of experience on SEO, could you share to us?
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    You need to work on local SEO right. Here are the steps
    1. First focus on Google My Business. It works great for local business
    2. Second, Focus on google structured data. It's actually called Schema.
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    Good news- your on-page SEO on your home page could use some work, which means there are some things you can fix right away. The off-page SEO that people mentioned above are good as well. Start an automated way to get reviews to your different pages across the web.

    - Tweak your Title tag- it's too long and falling off your search result in Google.
    - I've never seen people capitalize ever word in meta description before. I like to do what pages are doing on the first page- I would think about changing this.
    - Your <h1> is "home" (so so so bad for ranking)- include the phrase you're trying to rank for.
    - Without going into too much detail as to why (my little secret) your image/ content slider above the fold is KILLING you. Also, from a conversion standpoint, they're proven not to work (one of many articles that explain why: https://instapage.com/blog/6-reasons...or-conversions). Also, try removing the accordions at the bottom of your page as well. Show the content instead of hiding it.

    I see some more things but best start there.

    Best of luck on your DIY SEO,

    James Gibson
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      Originally Posted by Ecrease View Post

      Also, try removing the accordions at the bottom of your page as well. Show the content instead of hiding it.
      All in all your ideas are pretty solid except for this one. Spiders don't look at "Pages" they look at code. As long as the words are in the CODE, it really doesn't matter how visible the text is or if its in an accordion or a drop down. ( its obviously frowned apon to have text the same color as the background )
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Google my business can give you more visibilities than your competitor because google my business is based on location. so you add some valuable information and posts it will help you better. I give you a bit of advice you must change your strategy you should do more in google my business.
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    For the latest algorithm update local seo is very important because of its targeted method to ensure that your gaining traffic are the right person and conversion.
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    Aim for listing in local sites than on globally at first. This way your business will be visible to local people. Also you can use location based keywords.
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    Hi @carpetcleaningdublin, I hope you are doing good.
    As far as I know, you can try submitting a KML sitemap. If you are unaware of it, I'll try to brief you.
    KML is an acronym for Keyhole Markup Language, which is a file format used for displaying the geographic location in the earth browsers such as Google Earth or Google Maps.

    How will this affect the ranking?
    KML gives an opportunity for expressing your business even more clearly to geographic location displaying applications. Thus, creating a great user-experience for improved click-through rates.

    Other steps you can undertake are:
    - Adding Local SEO Keywords
    - Competitor analysis
    - Keywords checking
    - Location-based Citation
    - Manual Actions can be checked on GSC
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    Here's some very specific stuff you can do based on competitor averages. I would test making these changes to your homepage for a full 30 days and I'm certain you will see a gain across the board for all your important keywords. Let me know if you need reports on any other pages or next steps for this one.

    ALSO - Don't use disavow unless you have a manual action in GSC. You might do more harm than good in some cases. Get someone to take a look at the links first.


    ADD 4 H3 TAGS
    ADD 3 H4 TAGS

    Rewrite the page around that structure and then you'll need to look at some more competitor averages regarding placement of keywords and related phrases within your various HTML tags. That will require some tricky content edits if you choose to take it that far, but it works well for all our local client sites.
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    About Local SEO refers to the process of 'customizing' your online presence to attract more business people from local searches. These searches are on Google and other search engines. Point is important - it's not just about Google.
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    A local SEO would specify location, and this would radically filter the results of the keyword search. The benefit to local keyword searches is that they are usually more affordable than general keyword searches.

    Optimize your website by including the location in all titles, subheadings, tags, and content. Highlighting location will strengthen both, the brand identity and increase organic search ranking. Part of highlighting location will involve optimizing a client's presence on Google Maps
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