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I have identified 10 long tail keywords for a specific sub niche. All have low competition and high search volume. I can get a dot org domain for all 10 keywords.

Am I better off setting up 10 one page sites or 1 ten page site for this sub niche?

I dont believe I will need to do much backlinking to claim page 1 of google for all these keywords as 90% have less than 10000 competitive sites under quotes.

How would Google view my one page sites from an adsense point of view?

Comments appreciated.
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    first off, a 10 phrased word will not pay high.
    secondly, getting a domain name with 10 words in it, is a red flag. dont bother. you need to be more broad in your keyword / domain selections.

    more pages you add, the higher you will rank with out backlinks...

    I have many sites that dont get backlinks and just spits out 20-50 pages a day to my sites, and ranking for 1000's of keywords off the bat.
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      You misinterpreted my post.

      I have identified 10 different keyword phrases. (Not one phrase consisting of 10 words.)

      Each keyword phrase consists of no more than 3 words.

      So my question is:

      Should I build 1 website or 10 mini websites (one page websites).
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      I understand that. Its just that I can get a dot org domain for each of the 10 keyword phrases which would make it very easy to get page 1 ranking for each keyword phrase without the need to worry too much about getting backlinks.

      If I was to create a single 10 page website I could very easily be outranked by someone with an exact keyword phrase domain... unless I built enough backlinks to outrank them.
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    btw, it's Loz, not askloz

    why build a 10 page site? more pages you have, more you earn. most of my adsense pages have a min of 500 pages.
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    It's better to go for a 10 page mini-site

    IF all your keywords are related to each other... but also "different" in a way...

    if they are related and they are not partly a repetition of eachother, it's much wiser move to build one mini-site...

    here's why

    once you build a minisite and look at your stats you will notice that after a while you will get visitors coming from ALL KINDS of possible keyword searches... some which you may have never thought of before and that no keyword tool could have suggested to you.

    Apparently nearly 50% of all searches performed every day are unique queries!

    Why even bring that up?

    Well, you may rank for one keyword well, but... if that's the only keyword you are ranking for you are missing out on A LOT of targeted visitors that probably typed something similar, but not exactly the keyword you originally targeted.

    Here's where your mini-site comes in...

    If you have a tightly themed website with relevant content to one main subject but with a variety of keywords inside your content... the next time a unique query is performed in Google... Google may still decide to serve your website to the searcher, because there are lots of keywords there, so "one of these must be right"... so Google thinks.

    In fact... a 10 page minisite for AdSense built around one theme is one of the best site models you can make! Research shows that these kinds of sites have the capacity to perform extremely well overall!

    Hope that helps
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      Very well articulated. Thanks.

      There are more than 30+ keywords I can include in this sub niche. All are very related and yet all are unique.

      I am now convinced that 1 site is the way to go.

      ps. Thanks to all the others who also responded.
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    I second the 10 page mini site.
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    What about two sites with five of the keywords each?
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      Build a ten page site - and then, as Loz mentioned, keep adding more and more pages.

      The LT's are in one subniche so you only need one site. Get the LT keywords in as title's for the pages.

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    Do not get micro into your website domains. Pick one generic short tail domain name, write ten pages for all these different keywords and link them all..Google likes high volume websites in terms of offering credibility

    Find SEO Leads On <a href="">LeadJoint</a> - track down websites that have fallen out of the front page of Google.

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