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What is better for SEO to have full blog display on blog page or just a little part and a "read more" button to reveal whole article?
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    I don't think that it really matters for SEO. However I have my blog set to have a snipit of text with a read more instead of the full post. Plus I have my last 7 posts under the latest. What really matters for seo purposes is keywords in the post that you want to rank for, a good search description (hopefully it is persuasive.) Keywords and description for images and videos.

    All the usual suspects for seo. I will tell you I don't write my content for search engines, I write for my readers first and foremost. Google doesn't give me a paycheck. Hope thhis helps.
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    It doesn't matter if you're using the right theme with the right canonicalization

    If you're using a lousy or out of date theme, you might be shooting yourself in the foot
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    If you are talking about a blog page that lists your most recent posts, then it doesn't matter. If you are referring to an individual post then you want that to show all the content, not a "click to reveal" experience. You want to minimize the number of steps a visitor has to take to ready your article. That improved user experience could have an effect on SEO, albeit a small one.
    Coming soon to a theater near you. . .
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    I think ot doesnt matter ,important its the content you erite it
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    Yeah in my opinion it matters for SEO. And if you know it really matters for seo purposes that keywords for that post
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    I have just a short snippet of text from the six most recent posts on my blog page. I'm more focused on getting the posts to rank for specific keywords than I am my main blog page.
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    I don't think it will have any impact on SEO.
    What's actually important for SEO is Great Content and proper utilization of Keywords you want to rank for.
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    From a page loading perspective it will help, however it can backfire and make readers annoyed to have to do extra work to find an answer.

    A read more is good for a blog homepage.

    Overall, very subtle differences.
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    The "Read More" highlight, additionally called "Jump Break" is an element which gives you make expandable post rundowns access your blog entries, so longer posts show up as an introduction with a connect to Read More. With Jump Breaks you can show only a scrap of your post on your blog's landing page.
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    I don't think that it matter much. The only thing you should understand here is that you must have an error free site that follow SEO guidelines and content should appeal the visitor.
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    Great discussion, it will help me a lot.
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