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My company is in the process of completely redesigning web pages that currently rank better than our blog posts for important keywords. These pages also have a navigation bar with additional information, and we aren't sure what we're going to do with them, because they don't fit into our current design.
Nobody wants to redirect these pages to the blog because it's "bad for seo"." But from what I've read, redirects aren't bad unless done improperly. (link removed)

I'm not knowledgeable about redirects (reading up on it as much as I can now), but my understanding is, if we redirect the page, the URL stays the same and it won't hurt our traffic in search that much.


We don't redirect, copy and paste the content into a blog, optimize, and just HOPE it outranks the older pages. And if it does, we'll "figure out" what to do with the old pages.

For the SEO aficionados out there, please provide some input! Thanks!
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    Look for the intention of the keyword. Do a Google Search and see what type of web pages are currently ranked for that keyword. is it a webpage or a blogpost? If it is a blogpost and your blogpost is performing great no need to change anything. If you see, webpage is getting ranked for the keyword then change blogpost to page and redirect old page to new page.

    Give Google what it wants to see.
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    • Hi Zenith Clipping.

      Our web pages outperform our blog posts on many of our primary keywords.
      So we should change website page to blog post, and do a redirect? I don't expect an impact that way so I believe that's the best route.

      Any other input would be appreciated. I want as much info about this before presenting it to my team.
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    If the URL's not ranked in google for some keywords then you will redirect them on new URL. Its doesn't affect your SEO.
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      I dont think it is bad to redirect the pages. I know quite a number of people who are doping it and are enjoying the fruits. Go a head I am sure you will like it.
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