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Let's say someone write articles in French and wants to publish them to drive traffic from the French market, but ALSO want to go for the English market...What would be the best option;

1) Create two separate websites, one in french and one in English in order to drive traffic from both markets.

2) Everything under ONE website, but translate everything in both language.

What would be the best in terms or SEO?
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    I think that it would be better to run different websites. If the content is identical, there`s no point at expending the website so that your French and English - speaking viewers would navigate one giant mess. What is more, you would get separate statistics from two different blogs and would se the overall picture on both markets much better.
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    Well me i think that its better to make different websites onefor french and one for english . Firstly you will confuse search engines and you will confuse people also
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    Hey MValmont,

    I'd recommend having to separate websites for this type of scenario. To be more specific, I mean having "" & "" as your two websites.

    This makes it much easier for search engines to understand what your content is about and what type of audience is looking for it.

    Hopefully this helps!

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    If the site is not full of content, then it is possible on one.
    But I would advise all the same to do two, for the comfort of visitors.
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    Go for two websites, otherwise it can be confusing for search engines and visitors alike.

    Staying under the same roof is only a good choice for websites with little content.
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    To avoid mix ups, just develop two websites and give each website everything they require in terms of SEO.
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