SlickStack (Nginx) for rank-and-rent SEO?

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There is an old thread here from 5 years ago about using EasyEngine on DigitalOcean for super fast loading speeds on LEMP stack for Wordpress sites, however no mention about SEO ranking improvements or local targeting etc.

EasyEngine is above my head personally, I have never used Docker or Kubernetes. I can get around basic Ubuntu installation SSH commands (mostly for personal experiments so far).

I'm wondering what you guys are using for local SEO targeting for rank-and-rent and stuff like that when it comes to maximizing performance in a certain region. Certainly throwing 50 websites on a cPanel shared hosting server in London or Los Angeles is not going to rank well for SERPs over in Australia, and anyway what's the point when VMs are so cheap and more and more cloud providers are launching datacenters in pretty much any country (or city) you need.

But even being cheap ($5/month each per cloud VPS) that cost can add up rapidly if you have dozens of micro sites in many different cities, unless you share a server for these sites, which I'm thinking defeats the entire point of going cloud-only....

SlickStack is saying that some of their users are doing local SEO targeting (one domain per server). How long before I should expect results?

Is the technical SEO features similar with other deployment tools?

I'm not seeing many public comments or case studies on setting up a new LEMP stack per-domain for local SEO. Is this because most people don't have time/money to do it that way?

P.s. is DigitalOcean still king for cloud VPS speed? Best clouds?
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    Other clouds mentioned here: Linode, Vultr, AWS, and other KVM clouds. Well it depends on what is your target city (datacenter) because each cloud has different locations...

    For example, Vultr has Australia, and DigitalOcean does not.
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