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Hey all

I've a general question related to how my site is built and how I'm correcting it moving forward. I'm a photographer that uses wordpress as CMS. Three to five years ago, before galleries were at all sophisticated, the general method for creating them and placing them on a theme page would be to create a post with no content, attach an image to it, and then place all the images on the page via the wordpress loop.

I think it's even today still a fairly popular method for portfolio themes, but the obvious problem is that it creates a ton of extraneous pages with thin to no content. For instance, I have 197 images spread out between my portfolio pages, and all 197 images each represent one post. Each post represents one page. That one page is getting picked up and indexed by google, and it's a page with little to no content (penguin probably loves it).

I'm currently correcting the matter, but in the meanwhile, I was wondering what I should do about telling google not to pay attention to the post pages that have been created.

Originally I was going to simply add a 'noindex, nofollow' meta tag directed at robots to the template's post header file (which would de-index all 200 pages at once), but I'm a little concerned about google suddenly seeing 200 pages of a 210(ish) page site abruptly vanish.

My questions are:

1 Is this something I should do gradually or all at once? The site has been this way for a long time, but obviously needs to change.

2. Additionally, is there a method better than meta robots nofollow, noindex? I'd like to delete the posts altogether and switch to proper galleries, but I just don't want to do anything too jarring right away.

Thank you!

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