PBN Backlinks Still Worthful?

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Some PBN backlinks are still worthy but as some people offering that 50 or 100 PBN links for this price etc. ....... So my question is PBN links still worthful?

I see in some PBN networks that if he (Who manage PBN) got good offer then add restricted theme contents and links also like Gambling, Pharmacy etc.. So backlinks from these types of site will hurt ranking for sure.

Actually i listen from a person who is offering PBN links .... When i ask him for process then he said some common sentences like

  • We are not indexing all backlinks on same days.
  • We will index contents and backlinks in Google after two or three days. ( Is it in our control to instruct google that now index our contents please )
  • If any issue in future then we deindex all contents any time (Sound like fake).
  • Many more things like this
And i see also that many person is buying links from his PBN.

So, please share that now a days its safe???

My opinion not safe but want to know what do you think?
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