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Recently I tried for the first time to claim the knowledge graph of a brand we own. I submitted all the requested documents and stuff but got the message that due to Covid-19 it may take some time etc..

It's been a month and a half and still, there is no response. Is this taking too long, or should I re-submit the request? I did ask them two weeks ago if there is any update or when should I expect an answer. They said pretty much the same that they can not give any estimations.

Still, I think it's taking too long? Not that there is much I can do about that. My concern is that it's the first time I'm using this feature and not 100% sure they will accept all the screenshots with documents, brand name etc. However, if smth is not correct and they need me to re-submit it, they should send a message I guess.

So, does anyone had any recent success with claiming a knowledge panel?
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    I wasn't aware that you could just "submit the requested documents" to appear as a knowledge graph result. Submit it to where? What requested documents? Who requested them?

    We have plenty of websites that appear as knowledge graph answers and have never submitted anything. They appear because the page of the site they are on is the best answer to a user's query.
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      Why not, if you own a brand and Google displays knowledge graph panel for it, it makes sense to have the right to confirm it.

      This is the link-

      And I'm talking about this option here:
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