Yahoo PPC, Propser 202 and Direct Linking

by bbyau
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Hi all,

For Yahoo Search Marketing, if the landing page first point to Prosper 202 and then we rotate offers through Prosper 202, will this be an issue with Yahoo ?

Also do they allow direct linking to affiliate sites ?

Thanks in advance for the advice !
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    I want to second that question. I'm going to try a Yahoo PPC and I use Prosper 202 for tracking. I think that Yahoo allows even direct linking in their ads, so I'm guessing that a Prosper based redirect is just fine.
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      Frank Kern did a whole tutorial of videos called "screw Google" where he covers your questions you asked in your post, about using Yahoo PPC, Prosper 202 and direct linking. Just google "screw google"

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      The answer to the question is yes. Direct Linking is allowed on Yahoo. As always make sure you got some qualified traffic.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the replies. Will check out on the video mentioned.

    How about rotating offers through Prosper 202 ? Do Yahoo allow it ? This may be an issue as we can change the landing page to anywhere we like without Yahoo knowing it (as we just change the rotating offer in our Prosper 202 set-up).

    Please advise.

    Thanks again !
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