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how can i find the internal Link broken url and resolve the this.
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    Originally Posted by mohammad umer View Post

    how can i find the internal Link broken url and resolve the this.
    How do you know that there is broken link in a first place?

    I mean, if you have one and someone told you or some online tool
    have alerted you that something ain't working, that would be pointed
    to you, thus you don't have to guess where to go to resolve it.

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    you can use check my links chrome extension . you have to entered any webpage on which you want to check backlink. this tool will show you all links status, and this way you will find out whether it has any broken link or not. Then you can email the website contact person and ask them to enter your link instead of a broken link.
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    There is an extension named Broken Link Checker in chrome store.

    Try that.

    Open the page and run the extension. It will check all the links and highlight the 404 and 403 in red.
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    There are hundreds of tools.

    you can follow this guide from ahrefs:
    Another good blog i found for you:
    you can also use screamingfrog for this purpose..

    .If you don't know how to fix those broken links, i must recommend you to hire an expert for your website maintenance.

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    Xenu is a free tool that will crawl a site and find broken links.

    Screaming Frog will do it.

    SEMrush's audit tool will do it too.
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    In my way, you need to use Google Search Console to find the internal broken links under that coverage tab.
    Another best thing you can create a custom 404 page, so when users land on your broken link page, they can find other relevant topics/products/category pages.
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    Why trouble yourself when you can use Ahrefs' Broken Link Checker and fix all the broken links?
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    There are many tools which help you to find the internal broken links. Only you have to submit you domain and you can get all broken links available in your website.

    Broken link is bad for the both user and search engine. So, we should resolve it by analyzing the broken links and repair it by linking the best relevant page within the website. Ask your developer to make a 404 error page. If any web page is not available on the server them this 404 error page will be sent by the server when browser request a not found page.
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    There are some tools available which can help you to find the broken links in your website or webpage. You can fix them by placing the correct url or the pages which you have moved to the new one.
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    Broken links are those on your site that point to non-existent resources--these can be either internal (i.e., to other pages on your domain) or external.

    Go through this site and fix your broken links. This site really helpful to you. They explained step by step.
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    use SEO minion
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    Google Analytics proved quite effective for me in the context of finding broken links.
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