Search Engine Journal: What You Need to Know to Manage a Data-Driven Marketing Calendar

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A new article on Search Engine Journal talks about what you should know before you manage a data-driven marketing calendar.

Having a well-planned content calendar can be massively beneficial for marketers - helping you keep things optimized to the full and performing as they should be. If you'd like to improve your own calendars, I highly recommend giving this article a read - it contains some extremely useful tips and ideas. If you add relevant data to your marketing calendar, the author says you can reach the next level and make campaigns more relevant, productive, and efficient. I'm going to outline the first part of the author's guide, and I strongly advise you to check the article out if you'd like to find out more.

Content calendars can be created in a few different formats, according to:
  • The size of your content team
  • The volume of content you plan to create
  • The timeframe you want to plan for

You can use Google Sheets or Excel to organize your content by date, type, theme, audience, and even buying stage. Once that's done, you should share an editable version with your team so everyone can see what content is to be created by who and when. If you're already too big for - or are outgrowing - spreadsheets, try moving to project management tools like Asana,, Trello, Basecamp, or Wrike.

When it comes to the business of content planning, define your member profiles and target audiences clearly. Create digital personas for every offering you produce, based on:
  • Demographic information: age, gender, location, marital status, or any other content-related info.
  • Preferred content types: text, images, video, audio, print, etc.
  • Preferred content channels: social, email, website, offline, etc.
  • Consumption behaviors: when (day/time) and how long (short vs. long-form content).

There is a lot of great material in the original piece - which you can find by clicking the link at the top!
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