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Just want to know the importance of having gtm code on my website.
Any specific benefit of it?
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    Importance of having gtm code:

    Since you understand what Google tag manager is and what it's importance, doing here are the 8 key advantages it offers:

    Simple updates and a future-sealed site.
    Ease of use.
    Debug features.
    Version control.
    Users and permissions management.
    Built-in tags.
    Functions with Google Analytics.
    Event tracking.
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    A developer has a coding knowledge. But when digital marketer need to add or update in website, then they can do this using GTM. This helps them to make changes easily by eliminating tedious code-editing. So every time to update website you will not need developer help. It will help you to save your time and money.

    GTM help you in different ways. Some of its benefits are

    Easy to use: Help you to update quickly and easily without complex codes changes
    Its inbuilt debug features allows you to test the site and debug it before live.
    GTM makes future updates and enhancements much easier.
    Version control: It makes trouble shooting simple.
    It functions with google analytics.
    Event tracking: Event tracking is made easy by GTM. GTM's auto-event tracking feature eliminates the need to manually tag each link you want to track.
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