WWW vs. non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO?

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Search Engine Journal asks does using www vs. no www have an impact on your website's SEO, and what do search engines prefer? Read on to find out.

The author says that while browsing the internet or optimizing websites, you may have come across sites that are not using "www" prefixes, instead opting for non-www. For example, URLs with www:

And you may also find some URLs without www:

So, does it matter if a site is using www or non-www URLs, and is there an SEO impact to using one versus the other? This article explores that. The terms "www" and non-www" are often used to simply describe whether a URL includes "www." The World Wide Web (WWW) describes the vast collection of textual documents and multimedia files that can be accessed using the internet.

The URL or web address is translated by the name server into an IP address, which your browser connects to in order to serve the webpage. When the internet began, all websites started their domains with www. But several years ago, more and more sites started to use non-www domains because user behavior has changed. A non-www domain is often referred to as a "naked" URL.

Is www or Non-www Better for SEO?
The author says it doesn't really matter which one you use from an SEO perspective, but there are a few pros and cons for each. If you have the non-www version as the preferred version of your site, you should not have the www domain indexed.

Which One Should I Use?
The author says that the answer is either one. It's possible eventually www domains will become obsolete as most people don't bother typing them in while searching for a website. These days, it is becoming more common not only on desktops but also in mobile browsers such as Google Chrome for "www" to be hidden by default, which leaves some wondering if it could be obsolete in the future. Once you decide which one to use, make sure all your sitemap URLs and internal links use your preferred version and, if you can control them, your backlinks should be consistent as well.
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    This debate was settled more than a decade ago. The SEO community is really reaching for things to write about when they devote that many words to this dead horse.
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      Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

      This debate was settled more than a decade ago. The SEO community is really reaching for things to write about when they devote that many words to this dead horse.

      Even though if it's published in any big site.

      What's the point?? To put it here.
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      Still There are sites where they go for WWW.
      The thing is that most of the companies who provide some sort of services like tech, app, web development, they have been seeing using www. One of the developers in my company was having a debate with me and urging to use www.

      Already know and told that it doesn't effect on your website. A non www domain is a fancy thing in the market. But he was not convinced of having a non www domain
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    I everywhere use non www, because think same that no one is typing www in search
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    I configure all my sites to respond to www and non www, so both will work. Google likes secure sites, so go with a secure cert as well.
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    The correct answer is WWW.

    The www and non-www versions of the website all point to the same location. However, not all search engines know that and will penalize you by only indexing one version. Google prefers to keep it simple and will just index either (#2 Rule: Put "www." before a domain name for web pages). So there's no real SEO benefit to go with either version over the other in most cases. Conversely, an SEO penalty can be incurred if you use only one or the other because then all your links are broken when used on different websites around the world - making it more difficult for Googlebot to crawl your site fully.
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    We suggest always WWW. and will set non-WWW redirect to WWW.
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    The short answer to the www vs non-www question is that there is no big difference, no matter which you use. However, if you deep dive a bit, you will realize that www domains have some slight technical benefits that improve a website's performance.
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    I prefer non-www because that will shorten the URL by three letters and a dot. On all my sites I follow the same.
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