What's The Best Way For SEO, Topic Experts & Writers To Work Together?

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A Search Engine Journal reader asked, "what's the best way for our SEO pro to create briefs for our topic expert to write about, and where does the editor come in?"

The author says they've been ghostwriting for over 15 years. Here's the things they always ask a new author I'm ghosting for:
  • How can I make this easier for you? What do you want this process to look like?
  • Have you already worked on an outline or even a rough draft you want me to run with?
  • Would you like to make me a bullet list of all the important information you want to see included?
  • Do you have 15 minutes to jump on a call and I'll pick your brain?
  • Want to send me voice notes? A doodle? Smoke signals?

The first thing you can do to set your topic experts and writers up for a productive, collaborative relationship is to give them the freedom to define their own processes. The author used to create content for a polar expeditions brand. For content generation purposes, they regularly interviewed their polar experts. Most of these people worked on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions a good chunk of the year. Ever tried to interview a polar bear researcher in Russia who only gets to a payphone once a week?

How about a penguinologist (it's a real thing!) who spends months at a time circulating Antarctica gathering penguin poop and feathers for DNA studies? Here's the thing: whether writing as polar experts, software engineers, C-level executives, SEO thought leaders, or real estate agents (to name just a few), the author says they've found that every topic expert has their own preferences on how to share that knowledge.

Some experts get too nervous about being interviewed to do well in a face-to-face conversation about the topic. Others love nothing more than to chat about their area of expertise. What's important is that your topic experts understand a few key things about this relationship. Here's what you as the leader of this initiative need to convey to the expert, and also build into your shared process:
  1. Trust that the writer is here to help you. Dear Sir or Madam Expert: This isn't going to be an exposé. We're bringing on a writer(s) who specializes in crafting optimized content to tell your story in the best possible way.
  2. You choose how we work together. Do you want to send an outline, forward some articles or research that's inspired you, schedule an interview, share previously published works? Let's do it. Or do you need project management help, a video conferencing platform, or assistance with scheduling? We'll put the resources in place (budget permitting) to facilitate you telling your story.
  3. You get the final say on everything. Yes, it can be scary to give permission to have someone else write as you. What if they make you look bad? Don't worry: you as our topic expert get final sign-off on anything that goes out in your name. And for you as the leader of this process: make sure that review and approval are actually built into your editorial workflow so this essential step is never missed.
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    Great article indeed, and I really like suggestion that are put here, as they are very useful and they really describe well how we should proceed with working in a team when it comes to SEO. It's important that writers figure out pretty quickly desired of their clients, and SEO professionals should be able to make and write a quality brief that will later help the SEO copywriter to generate a quality text that will really have an impact on attracting more traffic to the site and on targeting more keywords and reaching a wider audience.
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    Thanks for the comprehensive article. It tells more in fewer words. I am new to the world of SEO Experts but find it totally enjoyable and tactical at the same time. Hope to get the hang of it in the long run. Thanks again.
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      Feel free to check out other SEO articles in the forum.

      Originally Posted by ron wis View Post

      Thanks for the comprehensive article. It tells more in fewer words. I am new to the world of SEO Experts but find it totally enjoyable and tactical at the same time. Hope to get the hang of it in the long run. Thanks again.
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    Thought about it for a very long time but never made the leap. It would indeed improve efficiency. I looked at Fiverr but I don't really know if these people are good enough. Are there any great places to find people like that?
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    Great piece of information thanks for sharing.
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    Really Nice and informative post on SEO, there are some suggestions where we can work and use in our SEO Strategies. SEO is all about experiments and tactics.
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    Great piece. In our department, I'm the one who creates the content brief for the writer's department and that includes the content editor, content structure, article concept, and article reminder also with collaboration with my colleagues.
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