Is having focus keyword in first paragraph helpful for ranking?

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Hey guys, for landing and blog pages, Yoast shows the focus kw's should be included in the first paragraph but how important is that for ranking purposes? I have seen many blogs which does not have it this way and also many blogs start out by first having a few questions listed for what the article will be about then the content below it.
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    i suggest you go back to this thread

    And read the answers again.

    Repeatedly, experienced marketers have said how to use the keywords - and you keep changing the questions. Why wouldn't you use your keyword in the first paragraph? Is the keyword a secret you don't want google to know?

    At what point with all you have read and asked - do you realize you HAVE the answers. Researching and re-researching and questioning results of the research....are delaying tactics.

    Trust yourself - and a writer with good ratings who knows writing for SEO. Go for it.
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      Oh shoot, yeah my apologies, overthinking things again, sorry guys, you can delete this thread.
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    Of course its important to add it on first paragraph as it helps with seo .If you read some good books on seo you will read that its important to add keywords in first paragraph
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    Yes, this is a significant ranking factor. In your first paragraph blog, you include a main keyword. This is extremely beneficial to Google ranking. Please try.
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    Having the focus keyword within the first paragraph is not a basis to increase rankings and Google will still rely on the overall performance of the content. The search engine will need to understand your page and see whether it answers your target users needs.
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    Yes in my perception focus keyword in your first paragraph will be helpful in ranking!
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  • Yes, having a focus keyword in the first paragraph of your page is crucial for SEO. Unlike other search engines such as Google, Bing looks at the first paragraph of your post to determine what your page is about, what your page is focused on and whether your post is a good fit for its users.
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