Google broken? Shows 1st place one day, deindexed the next, then back again

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Every single day for a week, Google has been flip flopping for a site I have but only on desktop. Mobile has been fine

1st place on desktop one day,
gone the next (completely gone as in deindexed)
back again the next day (1st place organic)
deindexed the next
back again the next day (1st place)
etc etc
its becoming a joke!! what the heck is going on?

On mobile everything is perfectly fine, consistently 1st place and no changes

any ideas?
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    You might wanna contact Google Support for this -
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    Or maybe, you are signed into Google one day on desktop (the day you rank 1st) but not signed into Google the next day. (If you are signed into Google, your site will almost always rank higher than anyone else sees it because you probably have visited the site often, so Google shows you what they think you want to find.)

    Maybe you are always signed in by default on your mobile device.
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    Maybe its a google dance or how someone said you might not be conected on your pc

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    trust me it's not about being signed in or out of Google. Different browsers, different computers, different devices, even searching different regions, its all the same.
    It's still happening. Yesterday 1st place again. Today gone again... its unbelievable.
    Posting on that Google community doesn't yield any insight either...
    Google is definitely acting very broken
    I'm sure many other websites would be having the same issue out there
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    How long has the site been online?
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    I hope you are checking the status of keywords frequently. So it is showing from history.

    You please try to delete cookies and history and try or check from another device.

    Also please dont do any black hat seo, then keywords will be thrown away from first page or deindexed.
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    Check new backlinks. If any spurious domains have linked to you. This can cause this issue.
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    It's something that can and will happen because Google have implemented a new scraping technique. Whenever your website is crawled it gets a quota per index. Google has more than one index running at any time.
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    I think it is related with Google Webmaster tools and other automation policies. It seems Google tries to automate everything as much as possible. If you see no errors in Google Webmaster tools, everything should be fine. This rollercoaster could be Google's natural competition and selection. I experienced the same issue.
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    Same issues here... site indexed, deindexed.
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    you need to check which baclink types you are created. Mostly probably google dance update affect on your website. Please focus on ration anchor diversity dont use exact match anchor text.
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    You might wanna contact Google Support for this
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    The new update is round the corner it might be cause of that.
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    Same thing I experienced in my site [edited by moderator] but after I replaced my SEO plugin with rankmaths SEO plugin I was able to solve the problem
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    I think this is called google or serp dance and it should be steady soon.
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