What is the most frustrating thing about guest posting for you?

by Dr Doomain Banned
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Like the title says, I would be curious to know, what is the ONE thing that frustrates you most about guest posting, whether it is done through manual outreach, or buying guest posts from agencies or platforms?

Some examples:

Finding opportunities?
Selecting guest post sites?
Lack of transparency?
Too expensive?
Too time consuming?
Low response rates?
Avoiding PBNS?
Guest Post Farms?
Writing articles?
Anything else?
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    The most frustrating thing about guest posting is;
    Slow response times
    Not receiving proper credit
    Misaligned expectations
    Hope this helps!!!
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    Guest post link sellers who moonlight as PBN sellers

    Why is this horrible?

    When (not if) they get busted for PBN link sales, Google can end up penalizing you as well

    It can get messy really quickly depending on how ViNDICTIVE Google is feeling
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    I'm not an expert but from my experience it's expensive. There's almost no point in doing an outreach campaign. Might as well buy from a link building service like FatJoe. Just my two cents.

    "All marketers are liars" - Seth Godin
    "Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale" - Zig Ziglar

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    delays in response or publication, strict editorial guidelines, lack of compensation for their work, and difficulty in finding relevant and high-quality blogs to submit their content.
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      Requests from people who have no clue.

      People, your post has to enhance my site. That means it's subject matter must be closely related to what interests my visitors.

      Do not offer to write about six-pack abs on a financial site. Yes, lots of the visitors would like to have a six-pack, but when they are on a financial site, that's not foremost in their minds. For instance.

      And learn punctuation. And have something to say.
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    Some of blog general category all stuff there business sport CBD many other i do not like those blog i will try free guest post also many user provide free guest post
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