Is it bad to share the same ip with "explicit" sites?

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I just did a reverse IP check for my ip address for my shared hosting.

Most of the sites look very spammy, lots of numbers and dashes ... and the ip checker said that there was one or more 'explicit' websites on the same IP.

Is this bad? Should I be worried that I am on the same IP as these guys? Its not like they are normal porn names, they are strange spammy sites. I am scared to go to any of them, who knows what I will get my self into!

So should I switch hosting, or is it no problem?

EDIT: I just went back to the ip checker site and it says this:

There is a possibility that all of the web sites on this web server may be blocked by web filtering software.
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    I've wondered this myself because I use shared hosting as well. My hosting company is really popular among adult webmasters. I hope you get an answer to your question!
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