Are blog articles even useful for SEO in the coming years?

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Some argue that blog writing is a dead strategy for SEO.

Personally, I feel like nobody reads blogs anymore but I could also be wrong.

Chime in.
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  • I thought people still make moolah off 'em, if they still ain't cool.
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    You seem to be conflating to entirely different things - traffic and SEO.

    I'm not sure who these people who purport that blog writing is a dead strategy are. Search engines do not care if it is a blog or an article on an otherwise static website. It's all just words and information.

    Whether or not people avidly read and follow a blog has nothing to do with SEO. I guarantee you that people see them and click on the results in a search engine if it is a topic that interests them (such as a comparison between two products article).
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    Years ago, people used to write a short and sweet blogpost about their sunday breakfast with couple photos. job done!. Now, nobody writes a blog post about it. because we have Instagram or Facebook. However, people are still looking for information, people are looking for some specific information. As long as your blog provides some valuable information to the other, you will get traffic.
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      Originally Posted by Berkcan Sevgi View Post

      As long as your blog provides some valuable information to the other, you will get traffic.
      The subject was about SEO, not traffic.
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    Why do we read? To get information.

    So far, blog is one of the most popular means to get that.

    Now, if people stop asking questions and lose their crave for information then only blogs can go away.

    There is also a possibility where a superior means of getting information may be invented which will surpass blogs in terms of popularity.

    Until then blog is not going anywhere.
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    Blogging is also evolving time to time. Its helps users to get any information. Blogging is not going anywhere. Its a kinda part to share helpful thoughts on the basis of their own experiences. Blogs have their own space and its wont surpass bcoz of populating video format vlogging. Blogs have a great advantage. You can update its content depending upon the time but its wont possible once you create a video content and published for example on Youtube.
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    As long as you love blogging, you will be passionate about what you are writing about - SEO'd articles along with other tools to promote your gig.
    So blogging ain't going nowhere anytime soon!
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  • Actionable intel will always flow toward the hands maxin' on powah.

    (Write that down, an' prove it immediately to be troo!)

    Prahblem with blahgin' is how it depends output ovah input.

    CONTENT IS KING, kinda thing.

    Yaah, but whatchya wantchya life fillin' up with?

    An' how mucha this is self-generatin'?

    Blahgs - books - myoosic - theater - friends - gigs - naytyoore ...

    we ain't gaht mortal space to be consomed by alla life's glories.

    Get SLECTIVE or get DOOMED.

    bcs all kindsa SWAMP is imminent.

    Write out yr 6pm to 6.15pm whatevah.

    Mostly, most stuffs are entirely meaningless, less'n you say they ain't.


    Thing 'bout oblivion an' salvation is how the clock ticks always same.

    Yeah, but the POV thing, yanno ...

    Natchrly all fyootyore content will spew outta wherevah to fill the emergent fyootyooyre's evident an' undeniable void.

    My role in this immediacy of consequence?

    Don't want evah to shit nowan out fulla crap.

    Modest diligence triumphs always ovah bullshit squirted from evry availabyool asshole.

    I been banned here on WF twice for seemin' filth, but I stand by this statement as a mandatory tattoo on the EYEBALLS of ALLA OUR FYOOTYOORE KIDS.

    * course'n I don't: jus' shittin' ya *

    Thing is, the SEARCH an' the ENGINE an' the OPTIMIZATION nevah existed as nuthin' till'n them alphabetical whatevahs were conjoined without you had no kinda CHOICE.

    You cain't even whispah the ess-ee-oh syllables now without witnessin' soodo a priori meanin' 'ponya very breath.

    Yeah, so eithah content is productively inhalabyool or gobblabyool or tangibyool or SUM STUFF AIN'T SCHWANGO VAPOR ... or kinda FFS.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Blogs are made to deliver information and fresh content to your audience. And people are looking for more and more information these day's.
    Hence, Blogs article is still and will always be a useful for SEO.
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