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by tjaqua
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I have a question:

I know if i get multiple links coming from the same domain that it is not as effective. but what about multiple links coming from different subdomains of the same domain?

Example PR6 pr4 pr 7

If I have a link on each one of these would it be beneficial? I ask because each one of the subdomains I have found have high Page Ranks themselves.

I hope I have made myself clear?!?
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    Any link would be beneficial. Dont worry about where its coming from. Don't just focus on domains or the sub-domains, just work on getting your links and also making sure that your comments are driving in traffic as well. Everything else will fall into pieces in the long run.
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    I post on Craigslist, and get separate back links in separate Cities.

    I don't know if its the same for every site though...

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    I think it will help anyway. More links more rank
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  • Craigs links expire and are no followed. Might want to rethink that strategy.
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      Originally Posted by ContentSpooling View Post

      I think link from different subdomain still count as one. It's better if the links are coming from different domain.
      If that was true, then what is the point of publishing multiple articles at EZA? I have seen more than one person explain how to get your article in the most viewed, or the other lists below each article to get yourself massive back links. If the links only counted as one, then what would be the point of that?

      I am sorry, I am not an authority on this, but logic tells me that what you said is not valid. I am open to more input on this, but I have trouble buying this premis that you put forth.

      Tim Pears

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