Dealing with 404 Errors During Website Deployment: SEO Challenges and Solutions

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We frequently encounter 404 errors for our pages during website deployment. Our DevOps team mentioned that they restart the server, causing minimal disruption to the site.

Upon checking the website log file, we noticed a spike in the 404 error graph. From an SEO perspective, this poses a problem as Google perceives many pages as "404 errors" during that specific time, leading to a waiting period for re-crawling. Given the site's size, some pages aren't getting re-crawled.
  1. Has anyone else faced these challenges before?
  2. Any SEO-related advice to address this issue?
  3. Any suggestions to manage this situation effectively?
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    Hi there
    If your website is new then restrict the whole site from indexing with the help of robots.txt file.
    And, fix all the issues related to 404 error and other SEO-related issues such as missing alt attributes, meta tags, site speed, minification of JS and CSS files, and other technical aspects.
    Once done, edit your robots.txt file to allow it for indexing and resubmit it to the GSC.

    If you are facing this issue for your old website then do a thorough analysis and check each webpage code manually to get it fixed as soon as possible and then make the resubmit request.
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      Hi @Sumitnirala,
      Your response doesn't relate to my question. Did you get what I asked?

      Our pages are temporarily unavailable for a few minutes during website server restarts that occur when new deployments are underway on our site. Consequently, when Google crawls our website during this specific timeframe, our indexed pages, which normally receive a 200 OK response, return 404 errors.
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    i experienced this too, there is actually many reasons one was for me was actually firewall maybe check this first

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      Thank you for your response, Mohammed.
      Weekends, typically considered low-traffic periods for websites, might be acceptable from a user's perspective. However, how does this impact search engine crawl performance?

      Do you request search engines not to crawl pages during deployment?
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