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Hey guys need help with how i generate backlinks.

I thought i had read enough to know what I was doing but the results for my site arn't in agreement.

I have been using paul and angelas back link list
Submitting via social marker
using Yahoo answers
and writing articles.

I had hoped by now to be at 100 BL's

unfotunately i'm at 9.

None of the social marker ones are showing
1 out of 100 of paul and angelas is showing.
yahoo is showing good

and my article is working.

what am i missing guys?

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    What have you done to the angela and pauls links? Create an rss feed and submit it to pingomatic.com or something like that, then bookmark it with 5-10 bookmark services. There isn't any reason why your profile links aren't showing up. Also, how long has it been? These take a few days to show up.
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    Where are you checking your backlink status? Google? Remember that Google is not accurate.

    To add more backlinks, start:

    commenting on Blogs and ask to do a guest post - Great one way link

    use Su.pr if using twitter to market. Build in Stumble that will help you get exposed to additional traffic

    Forums - Find more forums on your niche, and starting becoming an active member - Traffic and backlink

    Social bookmarking as you mentioned

    More article directories

    Being patient...some backlinks do not show for weeks, even months. Continue to be diligent in what your doing and the hard work will pay off at the end.

    Edit: Sorry, I did not see that you are using a method here. Ignore my answer if it does not make sense with the strategy your using. Cheers
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    Most search engines don't reveal how many backlinks they are actually counting. Plus it can take a while for them to be counted.
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    i am thinking why don't u try once Block Commanding, From using the Comment Kahuna or normally try it once i hope u will get the result
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    ok thanks guys, been 3 weeks since i did my first batch of Paul and angela links, only 1 out of 100 submissions (i have checked and they are still there)

    Using Yahoo to measure number backlinks.

    social bookmarking just isn't working for for some reason

    starting to chase forums now, I will look for blogs too.
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    None of the engines will tell you the truth regarding your back link count. If they did, that would lead some genius to be able to do some reverse engineering on their algorithm. Also it takes a long time for the ones that do show up to actually show. In all probability, you will never see much more than ten percent of your back links show up.

    Tim Pears

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    i would suggest you do more blog commenting and join forums.. im sure it would really help you out.

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    turn your profile link URLs into an RSS feed and submit it to RSS directories. Also place them all on a page somewhere and then submit that page to as many social bookmarking sites as you can using socialmarker etc.

    Dont worry about retrospective checking of links after that, there is always a bodycount. Just invest that time in building fresh ones.
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