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by SladeK
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I am kind of confused about my first site and its.
First of all, it has been 7 days, I know it can take an additional week or two, so I am being patient; just want to ensure that everything is normal thus far.

Anyway, in checking my webmaster tools, it says;

Top Search Queries:
#Query Position: 2
1. " 2

And on the crawl errors there are 2 404 not found errors.

At the moment, when I run a site: "" check in the search engine, all that shows up are two articles I have written for links and a social bookmark entry.

I guess I am just asking, being as clueless as I am, for those familiar with indexing characteristics and webmaster tools, is this something that sounds uncommon?

I am just not sure what I am looking out for via webmaster tools in telling me whether or not my site is indexed.
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    use in google to see if it is indexed. Also in G webmaster tools it should say "Some of your pages are indexed in Google" or some crap like that.
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    That Top Search Queries result you are seeing in GWT is from your you are entering so that is working fine.

    It will also tell you what the 404 errors are for so find out what page is missing and correct the error. Also generate a sitemap and submit it. It will help you find any other problems.
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      Upon doing a second look at those 404 errors, one was when I initially had my homepage up as a blog post instead of the static page I have it at now, so obviously that URL is nonexistent.

      The other error is from my privacy policy, the url listed is ""

      The actual URL of my live site is "

      No idea how or what that happened, do I just sit tight and wait for the next crawl? Or do I have to do something in order to fix it?
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        Originally Posted by SladeK View Post

        The other error is from my privacy policy, the url listed is "hxxp://"

        The actual URL of my live site is "hxxp://
        Install the WP Plugin "Simple 301 Redirects" then redirect as follows:
        hxxp:// --> hxxp://

        Rebuild Sitemap, submit to Google.

        Depending on how much Google loves your site, it could take minutes or many days before Google updates its Index.
        Or, you could go to Google Webmaster Central if you're tracking your site there, and request a removal of the url "hxxp://" but that's not really necessary if you follow the previous approach.
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          Alright, done and done; appreciate the information.

          Now one more thing I noticed...

          It says pages from my site are indexed.

          However, when I check for my site with site: "" all that shows up are a few back links, as I mentioned above, and a separate entry that just consists of the URL to my site and nothing more... almost as if my site was indexed right when it was created with absolutely no material on it and all that is showing up is the URL...

          *IF* this is the case, will Google re-crawl and update? IE so the next entry actually contains my meta description and my on page SEO will actually serve a purpose?
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            Google will re-crawl and update, but it will take some time. A similar thing happened to me a while back, where google indexed a page that I later changed completely (content and url). I did a 301 and after 2 weeks or so, everything was showing in google properly, and the old content was gone; in its place was my new content.
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              Perfect, that is all I needed to know.

              Thank You.
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