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i know you should only have 1 h1 tag, does that apply to h2 also or does this matter, for search engine purposes?
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    header tags should be used the same as if you were writing a term paper. your title is going to be your H1, your subtitles are going to be H2-H6. You should only have one title but you can have as many subtitles as you need.

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    I dont care about h2, as jason said, h1 should be the title of your article/site...h2 could be subtitles. If you have a site/article with several sub-sections/ can have multiple h2, no problem. As long as you have ONE h1. My $0.02
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      Headers like h1 and h2 helps to facilitate the search engine crawling process and understanding what your site is all about. It helps you to have more structured content which also helps in getting good visitor experience on your site.
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  • Header plays important part even for search engines and for visitors. Search engines finds it comfortable to detect about the topic and sub-topics in it.
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    Simply use headers naturally. H1 the most important, H2 next etc.

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    Here's what I have found on my sites.

    H1 plays important role on my main keyword for search engine. H2 on my pages target other long tail sub-keywords from my main keyword. Search engines pick the H2 very often and give a big boost on my traffic.

    Actually, when I do search for those long tail sub-keywords, big G brings the site and description content directly from that section.

    That's my observation from my few sites.
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