How to correctly set up a link wheel?

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Ok we all know about the link wheels and I have one, my be dump question.

A link wheel is a number of web 2 sites that link to the next one like in a wheel and each one of those pages links to the main page that you want to push in google.

Now my question how exactly is that link wheel setup?

I understand that not all of the web 2 site link to each other but just to the next one. However do they get a link back from that site or not?

I.e. do the pages within the wheel have only a link to the next page or also a link to the page that links to them?

Anyone understood and knows an answer?

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    For me.. a more apt strategy is to keep your linkwheel totally open. Don't link any property to another.
    Focus more on getting internal links within the web 2.0 site. This is something alot of people ignore.
    For example if one of your web 2.0 properties is a Squidoo lens then you should comment on other squidoos as well as joing squidoo groups.

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    I agree with Davioli... The traditional "link wheel" is too formulaic and easy for the search engines to spot. As a result, it is extremely easy to get punished for it.

    The key is to use the web 2.0 sites in a more random fashion and to do deep linking (how many webmasters link to a home page when they want to point out a specific blog post on another site? none - so you should limit links to your homepage too), to make it look as "natural" as possible.

    If you want to get technical about it, you could set up a spreadsheet with all of your social networking / web 2.0 sites and track which of your blog posts are being linked by each site. That way, you can ensure that you never link to the same post from the same web 2.0 site more than once. It really takes a meticulous plan to get it right.

    Read my blog on SEM:

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    I would a) not close a link wheel and b) put a lot of random factors into the mix. No link wheel should be the same.

    Life is a journey, not a guided tour

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    Make sure to vary the LinkWheel depth, or you can just use an automated software to do that.
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    While the "traditional" links wheel has not quite had its day, its a good idea to come up with something new when promoting new websites. The more random the link collection looks the better.
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    How would you do a link wheel using SENuke? There was a guy that made a link wheel guide for them (maybe it was you, I forget) and emailed awhile ago to say that it was not as effective.

    So how can you automate it, then randomize it, effectively?

    I am guessing you would run Nuke and then post random deep links to your sites, but coordinating the multiple loops seems to be the problem.
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    I need also to learn how to do link wheels as offsite seo seems to be a flaw for my sites
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