I am #2 for Google.com but only #9 for .co.uk - How to increase UK rank ?

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I am #2 ranked for my target keyword in Google.com (USA) however 90% of the searches for my keyword are from the UK where I am only ranked at #9.

Is there any strategy to increase rankings for a specific geographical location ? Do I need to focus on backlinks from .co.uk sites ? Should I buy the .co.uk domain and redirect it to my .com ?

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    Get .co.uk backlinks Works good for me.
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    The domain is available. Exact domain name as my .com

    Do I just register it and forward it or host it as a separate site ?

    Don't want to be penalized for duplicate content.


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    You can increase relevance by listing your site as a business in the UK on Google business maps. Also add a Uk address to your site and make sure that address in in a few high profile UK business directory listings.

    I believe you can still also use Google webmaster tools to tell Google your site is country/region/language specific.
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      Do submit in regional Niche directories. Get more backlinks from sites with .co.uk domain.
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    Try hosting your .com site on UK servers

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    pick up the co.uk and redirect it to your .com

    maybe dump a few backlinks pointing towards the co.uk to give it a boost

    that might do the trick.

    this is really no different then how many big companies do it. they buy up all of the tdl's and redirect them to the .com

    I'm all about that bass.

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    host in the UK - very important
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      If you have one, put a uk phone number and address on your site, I read something about that helping.

      Backlinks from UK sites as people said.
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