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Hi, I would really like some help here...

I have several sites running, and although I have done my seo optimization work I don't seem to be getting all the traffic I need to even start thinking of it as serious.

Is there any "traffic getting" software you would recommend, that I could buy paying just one time (no monthly fees) and with a price below 80 bucks?

I know it may sound like "pretending too much", but it would really help me.

I'm waiting for your answers with hope.


  • Everyone wants traffic.

    The "trick" is to deliver value. Give people what they want. Figure out where your customers are then introduce yourself.

    Traffic without value means nothing.

    You are doing what everyone else is doing and is nearly always WRONG.

    Marketing is not about building sites then figuring out how to get traffic.

    Marketing is about defining markets, creating a plan to address an offer to that market, then putting yourself in front of them with your offer... then testing the offer until you get a positive ROI.

    If all you had to do was make sites and start up a piece of software everyone would already be rich.
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      Getting traffic only comes down to one thing: Valuable Unique Content.

      The more high quality content you have in more spots, the better your ranking will be. Of course this content has to link back to you with your keyword anchored.

      Then if you go even more deeper, the more high quality relevant content linked to that, and so on, will have your rankings through the roof, thus giving you more rankings.

      Choose your target keywords wisely.

      Blogs work well for me.

      But, yea there is no easy way around it. You have to bust your ass to come up with fresh content... it's brutal, but its the only way.

      5hr energy also works well for me

      "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it." -Lou Holtz

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    Why dont you find some good advertisement? Buy a text link or a banner spot in a quality high traffic site with related topics. Then choose your keywords, make the ads, and put the ads in that site. You can get a legit traffic.
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      Hi, guys.

      Thanks for the advicing.

      Trust me, I have good content. I didn't came here asking how should I build a website to make money. No. That was not my question, sorry if it was mispelled.

      My question was, whether there is any software that would help bringing traffic to the sites at a reasonable cost. That's it.

      Anyway, I'll think on the idea of getting a paid banner somewhere. Thanks for suggesting that!

      Content's always good!
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    Use blog commenting for quality traffic
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      Thanks domaintrader, I've been actually thinking about that but didn't knew if it would bring results.

      I'll definitely try that one.
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  • Getting traffic is not a big deal but getting quality traffic is the biggest thing which every webmaster look everday.

    Analyze your market, find out the places where people are actually looking for your help and provide them the correct suggestions.
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    Well said everyone.. without value there is no way one will ever get traffic and you did say you got value so maybe its just placing ads on the right place. Use facebook to advertise to your group of friends, or as mentioned by another member.. try to get an ad on some other site if you are selling a product and you kind of are 99% sure you would have bought it yourself. then go for it and try that technique.
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      There is no such thing as buying a software and getting traffic (at least not what I am aware of from 11+years in this business). Valuable information is great but it can only take you so far. You can have the best product and information but if nobody knows about it then you can only go that far. As you know there are lots of crap products out there that sell well but they know how to market themselves...Not sure what you are selling but there are lots of internet marketing strategies that work if you learn all the details how to go about it but it will take time...You should either take a course or outsource it....

      Digital Marketing Consultant since 1998. Contact me for a free consultation.

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    I've just corrected my email address and got all the new answers.
    Thanks everybody for posting and helping!
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    Quality Content is the key to increase traffic. Make sure you provide what you market is looking for. Make sure to do all SEO techniques manually, never rely on softwares and stuffs. Google can detect that, worse, your site may be blocked. Just be patient and take things one step at a time.
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    well, you can start by submitting your website to free and paid web directories, more article directories.. buy links on relevant websites which will bring a lot of targeted traffic...

    may be a PPC (pay per click) compain in google adwords or similar.. and so on..

    submitting to blogs and forums for beginners in the tutorials' topics you offer may be very helpful, too
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    You need a decent amount of backlinks to start receiving traffic, so don't be afraid to post on blogs, forums, social media sites. And yes of course offer very valuable, unique content. Best of luck to you.
    Insights to Successful Marketing

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    Content is the vital part of search engine traffic. And don't try to copy any content from existing sites. Doing such, will allow the search engines to give less preference to the websites, select such keywords whose search count is more and competition is low. Finally improve your keyword rankings then you will get better traffic through search engines. You can get quality back links by doing article submissions, social bookmarking, forum posting etc...So try to build quality back links like this. It will helpful to get traffic.
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    My best thanks to all who has contributed here, really.
    I'll have all those things in consideration.

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