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How do you keep track of your backlinks? I was thinking maybe a simple txt file might do but I am wounder how everyone else does it? :confused:
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    You mean the ones you get yourself?
    Excel works well for this if you want to keep track.
    Sitename, URL, Date Submitted, as headers

    I just use Yahoo's site explorer to see what I have.

    yes, I am....

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    An excel spreadsheet with clickable links. I also have different columns for username, password, e-mail used, keywords targeted, and one for if it's indexed or not. This is helpful for when I'm ready to set up a new account to target a different url. It is what I call my "master" link list...
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    Not that I actually do it, or see much use in it (Unless you are being paid for backlinks and not results?) But if I very to go down that path I would definitly use Excel. Easy, and you can have category codes that you can filter/Sort on.

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    I really don't keep track of them unless they are ones that I have paid for. But I agree that Excel would be the best way to keep up with them.
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    I have a 'master' excel template that I use, this is where I add all the sites that I discover. I am also starting to add Angela and Paul's packets here as well.

    Basically, I have the following columns setup in Excel, it seems to work for me;

    1. Sitename - URL of the forum/blog.
    2. PageRank
    3. Registration Link - Saves you time trying to find it
    4. Username
    5. Email Address
    6. Password
    7. Successfully Added? - Either a 'y' or 'n' this tells me whether or not the link was added (so I can do a filter)
    8. Anchor Text Used - e.g if I use 2 keywords, Ill put then in here
    9. Date Added
    10. Comments - Any misc comments here
    11. Backlink URL - e.g. this will be your public profile page which you will use to ping
    12. Indexed in Google? - This tells me whether or not this link has been indexed in Google, value will be either a 'y' or 'no'
    13. Backlink showing in Yahoo Site Explorer? - either a 'y' or 'no'

    Also, in the site name column, I tend to highlight in bold the sites that tend to get indexed in Google quickly time and time again, this is kind of my 'priority' list if you like.

    Some people nay think that this is extensive and over the top but I am a stats person and like to keep control of everything I am doing. Also, I can use Autofilter on various things such as 'public profile pages' so I can just copy and paste these to create RSS feeds.

    I hope this helps and also suggestions are welcome on how to improve it.



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    As others mentioned, I use Yahoo Site explorer. If you want a much more comphensive tool, try "Link Diagnosis". It's great for checking anchor text and researching competitors.
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    HomeComputerGames said it best.
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    I think you can do well by excel repot with clickable links. That's how i keep all the backlinks info, and its easier to check it in case i need to do a further research
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