Whoa, Am I doing this all wrong?

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I had another thread going but the title was so booooring that no one looked at it lol, so have opened another, (hopef this one is better).

I have just really started doing the xfactor course and after a few test sites and getting my head round it all I now feel that I know enough to really make a go of it. However, after seeing a thread in the fabulous xfactor forum where there was talk of targeting a country for the main keyword and how you could be doing your keyword research all wrong, I am now a bit concerned.

I did ask about this but would like to get your guys opinion.

So just want to know with me being from the uk, should I be doing anything in particular when doing keyword research and when I publish a site should I be doing anything in particular to target a country or leave it as it is.

My other question which is somewhat related is - I have noticed that on some of my websites there are uk ads with .co.uk and such like in the adsense but I really want to target the U.S. Is there a way to make the ads more global rather than uk based?

Some of the answers in the xfactor forum said just forget about all of that and just keep building sites using the xfactor method which doesn't really mention anything about this anyway. (I want to believe this one)

Another answer indicated to find out where most of the keyword searches were coming from and change the target in webmaster tools - site location to point to this country/continent. This makes sense as I checked and some of my keywords, sure enough, are searched for more in some countries than others.

Anyway, I really hope I haven't confused anyone and only want to bring this to attention incase others, like me are wondering about it and don't want to start off on the wrong footing.

I am about to lauch full force into my site building and would hate to think I am doing something fundamentally wrong that could prevent a good outcome.

Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for any help

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    Well Yves its natural to have such concerns in the beginning. I would suggest you use
    google trends to find more about what type of things are being searched for the most in which country. Just search for google trends and see what it does for ya
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      Don't worry about what ads display for YOU, since if your visitor is from the US the ads will be targetted to the US market automatically (providing your site has content to which relevant ads are available in any particular country).

      If you want to check, preview your site using a tool like Adobe Browserlab (browserlab.adobe.com) - where the servers are likely based in the US - and see that the ads are targetted to the US market.
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        Hi there,

        I made the mistake of checking keyword searches in US and then checking url and title counts in google.co.uk.

        What I do now is I make sure I use Google search UK (I have micro niche finder and I set it to UK) and then check local search volume and global search volume.

        I make sure that my keywords have at least 2,900 for local search volume, and preferably more than that for global search volume.

        Basically, I make sure that I focus all the numbers on the UK. To me, I don't care where my clicker lives, but in order to do proper comparison I need to make sure all my figures are UK.

        I think so long as you use the same parameters for your checks, ie always the same country for all of them, then you will be ok.

        All the best,


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