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Hi everyone. I have started using a program called backlink booster. I'm sure many of you have heard of it and I thought it was going to help me greatly.

However...recently I've been boosting my backlinks and have seen nothing but negative results. I always make sure to have a very diverse backlink profile, and I have varied to anchor text.

I had a few of my terms in the very first position on the first page of Google for about two weeks. After adding more backlinks with the same anchor text and boosting them with backlink booster the page feel to position 8, which is really affecting my traffic and revenue.

I have had this happen before and I thought it was probably just google dance, but after several days now, its staying in that position.

I have a few possible explanations for this and I was hoping that someone could verify what could be making this happen.
1) My website has a very high bounce rate, so maybe Google is reflecting that in my ranking. However, how can someone have a good adsense or amazon affiliate site without having a very high drop rate?
2) Now that my site is actually aging a little, maybe it was just a glitch that it was in the first position and now its starting to settle a little bit.

Those are the only two explanations I can come up with and I was hoping someone with a bit more knowledge could help explain.

Should I continue to build more backlinks? It seems like the more I add, the lower my site has been falling recently. Very confusing and upsetting.

Anyone with some knowledge on the situation, please help.


Jacob Martus
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    Probably option 2.

    I would suggest continue building backlinks, but not too fast.
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    What you're seeing is probably the result of these two algorithms in action.

    "Query Deserves Freshness" - Your content was new and got a temporary boost. This has gone now and your site has returned to its natural position.

    "Query Deserves Diversity" - Your content was substantially different from other sites. This gave in a temporary boost also.

    A common mistake is to stop building links at this point because of panicking over having "too many links". Ironically, this usually cause an even further drop in ranking since the site, in Google's algorithm's mind, is losing popularity.
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    Quality over Quantity.

    Trust me you could have 4 high pr backlinks and beat the guy with 5,000+. Sometimes it's worth it to find niche blogs that relate to your product with high PR and regularly updated content, drop some advertising dolla's, or be a friend, than to play this "I WANT 60,000 BACKLINKS!! POWER POWER!!"

    All the best.


    "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it." -Lou Holtz

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      I use Backlink Booster too and I have to say this software has been a godsend.

      I had the same problem just a couple days ago and I stopped building links. After a few days, everything came back into place on Google and now I'm ranking for stuff I've been trying to rank
      for for months.

      Don't give up on backlink booster. I've had amazing success with it.
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    Jacob how many backlinks are you dropping on each page?

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    If you're building too much backlinks, your site will be suspicious. Just try to build an organic links in a normal amount, so you wont get blacklisted by google
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    vary your anchor texts and pages would be fine looks neutral

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