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I have a website that when searching for one of the keywords I'm trying to optimize for I get a different page in the SERP than the page optimizied for that specific keyword.

Lets say you have a website optimizied for the keyword: funny videos
And when people search for funny videos, the first page listed in the SERP is a page displays a funny video. Instead the SERP should first display the funny videos page (funny_videos.aspx), a page displaying a list of funny videos. There the user can click on a specific video to view it. The keyword phrase is plural, so it shouldn't go to a specific video page but instead go to the page showing a list of videos...

I'm not sure what to do. The funny-videos.aspx page is optimizied for the keyword funny videos.

This site don't show much text on each page, just tags and video titles etc, so keyword density might be high :confused:. A I mention the keyword many placed on the page: title, headline, text under the video etc....

any suggestions?
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    Make more links to the other page.

    Also is the page you are targeting indexed?

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    I think for a start it could be a good idea to create some backlinks to the funny videos page. Using the funny videos keyword. So maybe google will associate funny videos with funny-videos.aspx on my site.

    Funny videos are not my actual keyword, but it's an example which explains my problem very well
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    if google is still listing your results its still ok....! best would be to build links to the other page. google will update with some time.
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      As of today no backlinks are created to this funny-videos page, I will start creating backlinks.

      I've checked the first 1000 page in the SERP and the funny-videos page isn't listed there. It was listed for about a week ago. Instead I find several other pages related to my site (the page showing specific videos). Maybe funny-videos.aspx is de-indexed?
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