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Hi All

I am struggling in the backlink building department right now. There's so many solutions out there but I don't know which solutions to go with. I have just launched a few Wordpress websites and they are all hovering around the pg 5-6 mark. The top 10 slots for my chosen keywords seem to be fairly within reach (low or no PR for the high majority with a few backlinks thrown here and there).

I am sure if I came up a decent enough backlinking solution I can unsettle a few of those top slots and get my sites ranked. But there's quite a few options to choose from as far as backlinking solutions are concerned. So I just don't know where to start. And if I were to outsource some or all of my backlinking who would you personally recommend for a reasonable price? Please PM me and let me know if you wish to keep your info discrete.

Thanks ever so much.

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    filejunkie does a good job and has very reasonable prices.

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    If you are looking for a suite of tools to do a variety of backlinking, I'd suggest SENuke. It is pricey at $137/month though.

    You can also look here in the services section to read reviews on some backlink builders, and their results.


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      SENuke does have a WSO that you can find somewhere floating on the Net for $97 a month after a 37 day trial at $67.
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    Thanks. I have previously used Senuke and have had fairly good results.

    If I were to use Senuke, which modules would you recommend to be the most effective?
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      All aspects are very useful for link building - Social Bookmarking, Social Network, Pinging, RSS Nuke. Along with just doing SENuke there are tons of other methods you can utilize to drive traffic and generate backlinks at the same time.

      Article syndication, directory submission, guest blogging, ebook submission are just a few.
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      Originally Posted by tausif View Post

      Hey vibrant warrior,
      I would suggest you to start your backlinking just from your sig in warrior forum.
      Just edit your sig and each time you post you have a back link. If you would have implemented this method before you would have easily created about 77 Backlinks for your website. Isn't it great?

      All the best for future
      Those links all coming from the same domain make them less valuable than a few links from different places.

      VW - you refer to 'backlinking solutions' but you don't need to do anything crazy to make a difference.

      A lot of people think they need to keep buying things to get links, if you just focus on regular press release and article distribution you can get all the links you like.

      nothing to see here.

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    I use article distribution almost exclusively, and it works great for me. If you do the writing yourself, it doesn't cost you a penny. I am just testing out 99centarticles distribution now, and should have some results to share within a week or so.
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      Yeah.. if all you got is WF backlinks forget it... 7,777 backlinks from one site and fifty cents would buy you a cup of coffee at McDonalds... but be sure to tell them your are a Senior or it will be a dollar.
      The key is to get high quality links and as many as possible from reputable sites..

      Free Pay Per Click Services We all know FREE usually means scam or bait and switch.. so to settle that question check out my I love me wall at to see what all the folks say about my free services.

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    How effective are Directory Submissions and Social Bookmarking? I am thinking of starting there and then moving into Article Submissions.

    I also kept hearing about high PR backlinks all over the WF. So I recently went out and bought some packets from Angela and a few others. My only concern here was the implementation time. Would you say these high PR backlinks are more effective than article submissions, bookmarking and most other solutions out there?

    If I didn't mind the excruciating pain of pressing the mouse button a few dozen times which would you say stands out as the MOST effective backlink building solution of all (given all the techniques mentioned above)?
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    Go out and get about 100 or 200 profile links to start. I know they are pr 0 for the page that your link is on, but they are going to be links from different ip's. Next spend $37 and give this WSO a try. NEW SERVICE - Get 500 to 3000 Do-Follow Backlinks TODAY I don't have any affiliation with Rob other then I used his service recently and can give testimony to his service. It helps. After that, find the RichJerks and have them do some social bookmarking. They are affordable and once again I have used them with success. Choose the right keywords and you are off to an awesome start with very little money spent. If you can find an excellent source for Press Releases, then do that and send me a pm who they are. I haven't been successful finding a good service for this yet (but still trying)

    Good luck!

    Jayson L
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    Mix it up I say, never focus on one linkbuilding strategy - think about what a "natural link profile" would look like to Google.
    CONTENT WRITER. Reliable, UK-Based, 6 Years Experience - ANY NICHE
    Click Here For Writing Samples & Online Ordering
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    What do you think about link juicer and linkvana?
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    You may want to try - Link Building Services - Outsourcing Solution , I've using them for more than 4 months now and I am very happy with the result of the jobs they are providing to me plus the facts that the price is very cheap compare to other service available on the net. You can try their service for as low as $47 per month.
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