Wordpress?????? or not????

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i was currently running a ppc campaign where i was getting 3% conversion.... and cheap cheap cheap clicks.... now i have found godly godly niche..... exact match of 6 competing to be exact.... and i was thinking if i should switch to wordpress for the seo benifits...... or keep the template... i have never done seo but 6 competing and 300 searches a day i just cant pass that up..... i turned it to word press and now its really slow.... to load with only 1 pictures... and still converts well..... JUST NEED A SUGGESTION PLZ
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    You can always create a wordpress theme...with your current template (the one's that's converting at 3%) ...You might find some quality help on rentacoder.com for pennies of the dollar. Then you can upload it to wordpress or other theme directories as a PPC theme and get a link back (Require the users to have the link in the theme.)


    you can install wordpress on a different folder...(or just move your PPC landing page to a different location on that domain)...

    Just remember to optimize for the keywords that are currently converting...

    The last thing you want is to optimize for a keyword that doesn't convert.

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    First of all, YES YES YES Wordpress is definitely a big YES.

    I really don't know why the loading time is slow. Did you check how bit the image is? It may be one image, but it could also be 5 MB.

    At the same time, what's the theme you picked? There are some themes that are not very SEO friendly and are bulky so that they can take a long time to load. Other than that, I'm sorry I can't think of anything else!

    If you can afford it, Thesis is a great SEO friendly WP theme.

    Good luck!
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      I love wordpress but the reason for its lack of speed is due to there only being a single database per install. The wp plugins for caching can create a duplicate penalty if you are not careful which solves one problem but creates a new one. So I am stuck at a slow load time even on my own self built server which is pretty darn fast because I would rather have slower load times then duplicate content. On the godaddy server I was like at a 20 second load time!
      I am not sure if Google has started their load time policy which has been talked about in the past but I would love to hear from other WP webmasters if they have noticed any penalization for load times. With WP it seems damned if you do and damned if you don't. I had to shut off the cache plugin because webmaster tools showed duplicated titles/descriptions for pages with the backslash and without, even though I had the canonicolization tag and everything.
      I am utterly lost and would prefer to use the plugin but I know that I will be penalized in the serps if I do.
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    wordpres yes, but find some optimized version on the net if you don't know how to optimize WP engine yourself(php and mysql)

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    Just getting Wordpress is not good enough...

    You have to also know what you are

    I see someone suggested
    you go to rentacoder to put up a page
    for you for pennies on the Dollar...

    Great idea▲

    But you also want to know which plugins
    to install- cuz not all web designers know
    SEO► In fact most don't!!!

    Keyword-Optimize your site...
    Structure-optimize your site...
    And also-

    -Don't think that if you don't post
    at least a couple of times a day,
    that your site is going to be reached
    like MAGIC! And gallop to the front
    Pages of the SERPs

    You have to post- and make sure your
    wordpress blog is pinging the Search Engines...
    That you are getting incoming links-

    So don't go at it blindly, without knowing
    what you are doing... EVEN IF YOU HIRE SOMEONE

    I know Bing doesn't necessarily Favor Blogs
    So Also make sure your current site is optimized
    for Keywords and such...

    Wordpress is optimal because of its felxibility
    and because it is open source... But you
    have to know what you are doing.

    Peace Out Bro, Good Luck...

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    i have countless (literally) WP blogs with extensive themes, banners, modifications and a gazillion plugins. NONE of them is "slow" in any way, even on $2/month cheap shared hosting. You must have another problem of some kind, your site cannot be that COMPLEX. Or do you have like a huge Image on your site or something which takes long to download? WP itself is FAST.

    Furthermore i NEVER heard that any cache plugin for WP would cause a dupe problem.

    And: Telling him to download a "modded" version of WP..i think this is a joke. I would never get WP everywhere else except the original wordpress.com - you're absically asking for hackers/keyloggers. I also never heard that there is anything like a "optimized" wordpress out there. Simply because its not needed in 99% of all cases. IF you have to optimize then you use wp-supercache plugin.
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    Ok everyone here seems to be battle each other.. i know meta tags.. i know density... and i know internal linking.... anchor text... and alt texts... im not new new.... but word presses internal linking just trumps mine for many many reason...its just well put together.... im going to stick with my page i made....i think the coding is fine... density is not great... but ill take my chances... see that if you type in click here.... adobe comes up because of links.. i think mine will do fine with what i know... thanks for the input everyone
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    yes Wordpress is a good way to go because of the SEO pulling power. You can even create a link to your current page that leads to an additional page which is your wordpress blog. This will give you even more pages and search engines will look at your site even better.
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    Well, if you decided to keep the page, good luck. But I am on the wp side. It's my bizz and I've done countless installs and setups. No host, theme, plugin or bug had my load time to 20 secs!?
    If you have your plugins selected and your theme coded well, you cannot have a very long loading time. I agree Wp it's a bit slower on a fully loaded site(pics, videos, ads, optin forms) but I always prefer the advantages. Can be optimized it for a better conversion much easier-some themes have color selectors, size options and other things to test quickly. I better stop here
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    I was able to fix my load time last night with the w3 cache plugin. I am amazed by that thing even if some of the options are over my head.
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    Never heard of the "Jeff Johnson" SEO plugin, will take a look at it.

    You can HUGELY optimize WP, and one of the best plugins for this is "WEBO Site speedup". But it has a lot of options and is not really for newbies This one combines many features of approx 20 similiar plugins like javascript minify, CSS sprites, W3 cache...its insane.

    With the Firefox YSLOW addon you can measure your site speed, and on my test site i went from grade "F" to "A".

    Otherwise, wp-supercache/w3 cache and that minify plugin are really great.

    But even out of the box, a simple/mid size WP blog should never be slow...except you would have some massive galleries in there a and a ***load of scripts/images etc.
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    so... kept the 3% site up for 15 days... making constant profit day in and day out... today paid for almost 800 visitors... and 0 sales the day i went back to "winning" setup...... check campaigns... they sent to right place and everything.... so.... i guess i am willing to give word press another try..... seriously not one sale?? thats unreal
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    I just found a new plug in for speeding up WP called PHP Speedy and it is way better then any of the other cache plugins in my opinion and has really been amazing for my load times. I will suggest that you turn off all other plugins though before turning it on as it can cause conflicts.

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      Not. If you are doing ppc, what do you care about SEO for. And wordpress is not better than anything else for SEO anyway and just adds unnecessary overhead.

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        its called expanding... ppc is good to me but i want to inch into seo. Ok i didnt know this post was still going so ill answer more then one question at once. A. Rent a coder. Yes rent a coder is a good place but not needed in my case, i know about what plugs to use and have since i started this got ranked 1 for more then one keyword. B. Wordpress is not any better.... how else to answer that but its better because of internal linking and easier to master tread your rss feeds and is simple for the coder who dont know php or html that well. C. I am following the web technique used to get pr4 in under a month, granted im using much smaller scale for my niche's..still works. D. TRY MARKET SAMURAI!!! no links to it here.. im not an affiliate of theres.... just try it free they dont even take your credit card info... they just let you try it! I have used it to find over 30 keywords in my niche's with under 10 phrase match comp which is under a week worth of seo to rank NUMBER 1...
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    You should definitely switch to word press. Word press is very user friendly and really good for seo work. So my answer to you is YES.
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