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One of my WP sites has a static review page on it.

I did some link building and submissions and now i am getting trackbacks and pingbacks from all corners of the web daily on my site.

I dont mind trackbacks if they are from related sites, i really dont.

The problem is only that those trackbacks accumulate below that page, i just got 21 in a couple of days, expecting a lot more.

So i have my review there, and there is this long list of external sites growing below making it slowly look like some kind of link farm.

Should i simple disable trackbacks? Its just that the location isn't ideal...i expect this to be a 10 page scrolling list in a few weeks. Doesnt make sense really how wordpress handles this...

Or should i leave them..or "somehow" redirect to an extra page? (If there's a way)
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    I would like to know the answer to this question as well!
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      I think redirect to an extra page will be better option rather than leave them.

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    I keep trackbacks enabled but make sure i have to moderate them! Then just don't approve them!

    You don't need to give them a link back, i just use it to see how many links are left to get indexed or it's just nice getting the email reports which reminds me to build more links too.

    Oh and be careful of trackback spam! It get's alot higher acceptance rate than comment spam and ive nearly been caught out a few times when i was looking over them.... so now of course use it myself and it works great!

    Mark Blaze
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    thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas...I'm also confused with trackbacks and pingbacks.
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