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I'm trying my hand at backlinking. I would like to ask for your suggestions on how to do this the best way possible?
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    Hello fellow Atlantan.
    I like the way you are posting on the forum with the sig links. That's a start and those links will count. Submitting to directories is a nice way to start getting some links too. I'm not sure what your overall goal is but I have always been a fan of continuous steps forward with some emphasis on quality, as opposed to paying someone to get a bunch of low quality links for you, and then finding later that your site is no longer ranking after all the work you put into it.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    The best way i have done this is...

    Writing tons of article.

    Blogging is also a good way

    Submit to as many social bookmarking sites as possible especially after a new post.

    Those are the ways i do it.

    Other might have some better ideas

    Hope this helps
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    Some great places to start out with backlinks are,, and They rank well with google, and you can register quickly then get your backlink in


    Follow me on my blog
    Raise your credit score here
    Get ready for Valentines Day

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      There are a lot of ways to build links. Here are some for you.

      Write articles and submit to article directories like Ping the article. Submit the rss feed to rss directories. Bookmark the articles.

      Submit your site rss feed to rss directories. Bookmark your site pages.

      Rewrite bits of your blog content to submit to various social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

      Submit content to other social sites like Stumble Upon, Propeller and Digg. Bookmark these snippets as well.

      Create pages using social content sites like Tumblr,, Squidoo and Hub Pages and link to your site.

      These should get you started.


      Formerly Grroeb (member for a LONG time - since 2002 - for some reason have never been able to recover my password)

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    Great tips guys! Thanks! I am making a list here as you suggest them. That way I can try all of them!
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    Subscribe to Angela's backlinks packets.
    "There ain't no chains strong enough to hold me - Ain't no breeze big enough to slow me
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    Ain't no man big enough to stop me"
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    I can recommend you to do 10 blog comments a day and by writing 5 articles with 300 words each then submit them to article directories.
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    I would suggest a combination of a number of steps, many of which have been outlined above, but don't leave out podcasts, video and Web 2.0 properties such as Hubpages and Squidoo.

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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    Blogging and writing articles have worked well for me.

    If you check out Terry Kyles backlink experiment, you will also notice that backlink packets work well too.

    Backlinks are a long term solution, so be prepared to not see results in the first week.
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    -Backlink packets (there's several on the WSO board now)
    -Social bookmarking
    -Blog commenting (don't be spammy though!)
    -Articles with your backlink in the resource box
    -Setting up various Web 2.0 properties with your link on them

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      You can always go the traditional ways of manually commenting on blogs, article submissions, forums etc. It's good to get a feel for how it should be done the right way.
      What I mean is in terms of quality comments etc

      However in the larger scope of things you should seek automation to leverage your efforts
      When you do find software to automate your back linking stratedgy you'll be able make the back links stick having done it manually
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    Hey Guys,

    Here is an article I wrote last month that I thought would be helpful for this post...

    "Below you will find some of the Most Powerful Ways To Build "Backlinks" & Traffic For FREE!

    1. Articles- This one we all know... Right?

    2. Press Releases- You can write and submit Press Release for Free. Sure the paid services work even better BUT you can do it for free as well.

    3. Commenting- Leaving comments on Blogs, Videos & Articles that are getting lots of traffic is a great way to NOT only build links but also build your rep, your brand and creditability... If you add value!

    4. Videos- When submitting videos to Video Sites like YouTube... Always "START THE DESCRIPTION WITH"... And it will become a "clickable link".

    5. Content Sharing Sites- This would be sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, etc... This work great because the links are "follow" links and over time you can build massive value.

    6. Blogs-
    Nowadays we can build blogs for free and even have them hosted on that main sites server for free... And Borrow Their Authority In The Process.

    ex.,, Quilzilla, etc...

    7. Wiki's-
    This is such a underutilized tool but its SO POWERFUL. Start OR edit a Wiki and then you will be able to link to your site as the "source".

    8. Yahoo Answers- Everytime there is a question about something regarding your niche... Answer with valuable info and you not only get a link but some serious traffic can be had also...

    9. Forum Marketing- Creating a "sig" for the forums can also get you links and traffic.

    10. Social Bookmarking- I use a service (thats free) at and it rocks... You "drag" a button to your toolbar and when your on a page you want bookmarked... Simply click the button and BOOM... It will bookmark that page to over 25 Social Bookmarkng & Social Networking Sites.

    Here are some additional tips for you...

    Use "Google Alerts"- Setup G Alerts for your main keyword and every time something comes up whether it be a blog, video, forum post or whatever... Drop by and leave your comments/ratings.

    This one is so powerful I created a video "how to" series...

    Setup "Auto-Pilot" Blogs-
    If your like me then you have a ton of "domains" your not using "YET"... Well instead of letting them be wasted, install a Wordpress Blog and then install a "Plug-In" called "Wp-O-Matic" which will pull posts from multiple RSS Feeds and automatically post them to your blog everyday, every 20 minutes or how ever often you like!

    By mixing MULTIPLE RSS FEEDS you will be creating 1 unique set of content. Then this "plugin" also allows you to have it "automatically link up a certain phrase to any site"... So if your main keyword is "lose fat" then you could have it AUTOMATICALLY link up the keywords "lose fat" to your main site.

    Now you have taken a domains that was just sitting there and turned it into a blog network that is building MASSIVE LINK JUICE TO YOUR MONEY SITE for FREE! And now that domain is building Authority and getting Aged properly for the day you decide to use it for its orginal purpose.

    ***If you have a purpose for it already then you can always install the blog into a "sub-directory" like..."

    I hope this helps you out guys.

    Your Friend,
    Kevin DaSilva
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    I use a number of linking strategies ranging from packets, to web 2.0, to bookmarking, to LOTS of article directories but, but, BUT... I have only seen results after a couple weeks of consistent link building, so, just like has been mentioned, it takes time to start seeing search engine changes based on your link building.
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      Hi Mary,

      As mentioned above by dvduval, adding your comment to related forums may be a good idea. I would like to add one more suggestion to this - join the forum you are interested in, wait a few days and make a small number of posts. After this time then add your signature with all you relavent links back to your site. Oh, and try to get a forum with a high page rank.

      As an example I've attached a spreadsheet with PR rankings for forums containing the words "internet marketing".
      The links havent been checked to ensure that the forums are about internet marketing but the report has been generated with the search term "internet marketing" in mind.

      I'd be delighted to run a Page rank report for you on your chosen topic if you'd like to PM me about it and I will go to work on forums related to your topic with their page rank.
      Access to my entire team for less than the cost of a Virtual Assistant and have unlimited requests including Cold Calling each day![/B] Click Here to find out more
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    I did an experiment with one of my niche sites and in just a few days of very light backlinking work, it's number 6 on google page 1. I can't believe it took so little time!
    Here is roughly what I did:

    1. One article on EZA
    2. Wrote a whole ton of comments (some outsourced, some myself) under the most viewed EZA articles in this niche
    3. Created a facebook account and found a group somewhat related to this niche with 345.000 fans, joined there and made 2 niche related informative posts
    4.few blog comments here and there
    5. Onpage SEO and the domain name from the long tail keyword

    In just a week, it's now #6 on the first page.
    I guess I will put the precise details of what I did in a report and give it away as free WSO for newbies.
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    You could also use a backlinking service. I personally use Unique Article Wizard or Linkvana.
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    Get back links with the help of the following:

    social bookmarking and networking
    hub page
    link wheel
    press release
    online groups
    squidoo lens
    article submission
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