Wierd: Try to Google "Search Engine"

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If you go to google, and search for search engine.

Wouldn't you expect Google to be their first result?
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    Not to worry. They'll be fine with a bit of backlink building and some on-site optimization

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    I guess I would have expected it - but at the same time there's no need for it to be, so they must make sure it's not. You're already at google. You don't want to learn about them more, maybe you wan to find other good search engines.

    That is an interesting little tid bit tho.

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  • Why would they? you're using their search engine to find other search engines, that means they've done their job in getting you to use the search engine, and your likely to come back and use them because they gave you the results you wanted.

    And maybe they are confident the competition cannot compete.

    Oh and because you're already on google, what good would it do them ranking 1st then sending you exactly where you started? the person would be pretty p*ssed of don't you think

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    I was having fun with this ... try google "best search engine" (link is below as well)

    best search engine - Google Search

    I don't see the major one on top of the list.

    - Keith Choy
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    Who doesn't know google? I guess they don't bother that if some other search engine is showed

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    And Yahoo is no. 1 in Yahoo for the term 'search engine'.

    So Yahoo's the smarter engine?
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      Originally Posted by fiero View Post

      And Yahoo is no. 1 in Yahoo for the term 'search engine'.

      So Yahoo's the smarter engine?
      Yes but Google is popular Search Engine in the World almost 70% people use Google Search to Search any thing they want. I am waiting that Google beat by Yahoo or other Search Engine.. Yes I think you all are also waiting . but When Other SE beat Google then It will affect our businesses too.
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    Well Google is supposed to give us the best service or resource for the searchterm we are using. That is kind of their job. I think is wierd that Google do not consider themself as the best search engine.

    Maybe we should introduce them to one of the backlinking methods we have here at WF.
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