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Hello. I have heard that when we build a website to rank high in the seach engines you should pick a domain name with the keyword you want to rank for. The problem is that the keywords that i want to rank for won´t be good for a domain name.

Does anyone know if a domain name is really important? Or a normal domain name (whitout the keyword on it) can still get to the 1st page on google.

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    Honestly I feel domain name isn't very important. Look at many of the top sites nowadays: the domain name doesn't have the keyword in them.

    However, a domain name with the keyword DOES have an advantage.

    I believe Google bolds the domain name if it is the exact match with the keyword. As this makes your URL stand out in the search rankings, it may compel the search user to click on your site.
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    For example: lets suppose that i want to make a website about cars by selling all kind of stuff about it. I would choose 1-3 keywords to rank on the search engines. If i choosed something like "tires" and "engine" to rank for, the website would not make much sence with those keywords. www(dot)tires(dot)com in my opinion would be a bad domain name for a website that sell everything related to cars. I hope you understand my dilemma with this example.

    If you got any tips i would appreciate.


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    I think it is important to have the words you want to rank for....

    But there have been many sites that don't have any keywords in their domain name and have done quite well..

    If the keywords don't sound too good in a domain, I would try and keep it related to your niche.

    What i mean by that is say you want to... create a site for showing people how to tango... and you think that "learn how to" is a touch too long, you could go for something like "learn to" I know not very original but it is all I can think of at the moment..haha

    Then optimise pages in your website to have the keyword you want to promote "learn how to tango" you could optimise you pages like that...


    I tend to do what you are saying, if a keyword sounds tacky or cheap using the keywords in the domain.....

    I just buy a catchy domain and link seperate pages to it...
    It has always helped my SEO...

    I hope this helps..
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    Tasso is right, you have to see if your primary keywords can "flow" in your domain name, if it sounds awkward or contrived then don't do it, because it's the first thing your visitors will notice when coming to your site!

    It's not the end of the world if you can't fit them in your top-level domain, look for other opportunities to put them in your sub-URLs (which will definitely also get indexed). If they're relevant to the content on your pages, then it'll really help your SEO.
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    The most important keywords in your domain name is very helpfull, but also keep your domain name simple and easy to remember! Domain age also comes into consideration.. a old domain name comes with a history, a new one you have to build that from scratch... this is also one of the reason people would be looking to buy already existing domain names with the right keywords - for good money
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    As JeffLam said Google likes to bold the keywords in the search results so it might draw some attention to it.

    I don't want to start a big debate but in my experience it's nice to have a keyword rich domain name but thats just a tiny fraction of the SEO game. If I can't quickly and easily find something that sounds good, has a nice flow and has my keywords in it then I just go for what I like.

    Still get plenty of front page rankings with or without keywords.
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    In your case if you want something along the lines of a car related shopping site, perhaps you can try things like '', or thecarswarehouse, etc.

    Basically, you can try to put in one keyword in there and try to make it flow.

    Don't put the keywords in your domain name for the sake of putting it in there!
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    Hey JFVJ

    You don't have to use a kw based domain in order to rank well in the SE's.
    It does help somewhat, but not necessary. Just make sure to do your research and find the right kws for your business.

    Good luck to you

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      Thanks everyone for the help

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    Hi In my opinion domain name help to get ranking but its not the only eliment which will get you top position in google or any other search results...see there are so many other factor which put site on top ..if keyword is in your domain name than its good in seo point of view but if its not there still you will have good ranking in google ..there is no issue at all ...this is what i am stating with my own personal experience.


    Rajiv Kumar
    Skpe: rajivkumar900
    Email id :

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