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I'm new.I'm doing adsense now.I want to ask how can i increase traffic?
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    Two words:

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      A few ideas

      1. Fresh Content added consistently
      2. Pinging your website after new content is published
      3. Article Marketing-submitting articles with links to your website
      3. Submit your RSS feeds
      4. Submit to Digg-works better when you create some buzz/hype with a controversial/interesting article or something like a contest with a giveaway
      5. Make your content into different media forms such as audio and video and send these out to sites like podcast submission sites and tubemogul. Of course with links to your site
      6. Add website link to forum profiles and signatures

      Like said before, spend time building backlinks consistently

      If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. - Bruce Lee

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      Originally Posted by lstoops View Post

      Patience..and build links to yours site.
      I agree. You have to build links to your site, and after a while the traffic will come.
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    Hard work, smart work and very seriousness towards yous work to make possible things which you are will for...
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    There are many ways to increase traffic to your site....

    Fresh content is always a fave of the search engines...
    Plus getting your articles published on authority sites within your niche....

    This has always been good for me, as it gives me a good sudden boost of traffic to my site because the site i have posted and article on has people who are searching within the niche for information....

    I hope this helps...

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    Go to a forum in your niche. Join the forum and participate. Make sure you can have a link in your signature - just like you have here at the WF.
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      Do Article Submission
      Weekly Press Release
      Email Marketing
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        To increase traffic it is important that the content of your web site should be very good that is relevant and unique to attract more visitors, targeting those keywords on which you want many visitors.

        Then, submitting your site to different directories can be helpful, social bookmarking, blog commenting and writing articles and submitting on high PR sites is utmost good to get traffic and backlinks.

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    comment to another blog/site, you will get backlink + traffic but you must be patience because it will take a time to be indexed especially by google
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    I'm sorry I forgot try comment to the dofollow bog only, to check dofollow or nofollow use mozilla browser and install seoquake add-on.....
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    Well post related answers in the yahoo answers and place you link there, You must use level2 id to place your link there which will bring some organic and targeted traffic for you.

    And also you can make video about your website and submit it in youtube and other video directories which will really helps IMO.

    And also like twitter, squdioo lens and etc. . Thanks
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    If you are looking for the traffic via the organic search than following are the most important activities

    Press Releases
    Article Submission
    Social Networking
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    From my own point of view the easiest way to generate traffic is to write articles with backlinks and submit them to many articles directories as you can.
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    Where can I get some good articles for cheap? I see a couple of offers here on the WF, but not good quality and the turn around time is bad. Who can give me 5 - 500 word quality articles for 4 bucks each?

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    first of all u have to choose appropriate meta tags and also have to do link building , article syndication & social media etc.
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    Yes,it might increase the traffic
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    If you want to get cheap articles try to hire on article writer from GAF. Although I never did it myself, but I know that there are a lot of freelance writers there that could even write an article for $1.5.
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    Originally Posted by kukkaikawaii View Post

    I'm new.I'm doing adsense now.I want to ask how can i increase traffic?
    If you already have your own site, you might want to avoid using too much banners.

    Find some strategic locations and place your adsense code (top and both sides of your page).

    Next step is for you to have it optimized and start building back links so that you can have a high search engine ranking. Meanwhile, you can set up a blog and insert the adsense code and use traffic methods like article marketing to drive traffic to your site.
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    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.....

    There are so many way to build a list, such as social media is a way, bearing in mind you still have many more - twitter, emails, LinkedIn and Facebook.
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    And Good Centent
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    Maybe paid traffic might be an idea as well. Start small and once your process is optimized, start scaling up. How much traffic would you BUY if you are absolutely sure that you will make $2 for each $1 invested?
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    Submit to Directories
    Social Bookmarking
    Submit Articles to EzineArticles and Go Articles
    Submit to Press Release directories
    Post on related forums with links in signature
    Post on related Blogs
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    Put your link in your signature and post a stupid question on WF.
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      Originally Posted by tjcocker View Post

      Put your link in your signature and post a stupid question on WF.

      But he got so many replies and i bet he got loads of visitors from doing it so now he will be happy for a while.

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    Articles have a great place in the promotion of any website. It gives you the traffic you ask for and also creates back link that will improve your search engine placement. Article writing is an art itself. Good articles generate a lot of traffic and that means more visitors to your website.
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      Yes, Content updations will increase the page position and Networking sites submissions will increase the Traffic ... that will increase the back links also.
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      Quality content.

      Here is something that most of us don't talk about, at least I haven't seen it.

      1/ All of those things that we as marketers do should happen automatically.

      When you have quality content people will automatically bookmark, tweet, digg, stumble and add to facebook those items that they are interested in.

      I've experienced this on my blogs.

      You shouldn't have to game the system.

      2/ Eventually, only original, quality content will rank.

      Google is constantly improving their algorithms. At the present they can, if you're not aware, detect spun articles.

      Because of this you will only receive credit for some or maybe just one of them.

      Google wants to improve the visitors experience. In the future in order to accomplish this your site or blog will have to have 100% original content that offers real value to your visitors (not crappy plr).

      I realize that there are large authority sites that receive tons of traffic from scraped content but if you see the writing on the wall this will change.

      At some point in the near future things are going to change.

      The question is will we adapt?


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