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Im just Learning adwords...
but I need a little or much to say big help on some information

i went to this link and type in some keyword...and it generated some results...

dont knw how to ask this question... i'll just spill it out

-Advertiser graph seems half way...some max out
-Local Search Volume.....most of it say not enough data...some have data
-Global Monthly Volume...most of it are five figures some 6 figures

can anybody shed me some light
how this can affect on my site that im planning to build on the future...

I hope im not asking stupid... i just dont quite grasp some info's here and there...
help the bottom it says Download all the keywords : Text, .csv(for excel) , .csv

I tried to download it
it pulled up the same info for the keywords that i pulled out and the numbers? what am i going to do with it?

Sorry if i look like an idiot.... just learning the hoops...
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    Depends on what are you going to use the data for?

    Do you want it as an advertiser? (AdWords PPC)
    Do you want it as a publisher? (AdSense)

    If you are going to advertise, high competition is not good. (i.e you pay more)
    If you are going to publish, high competition is good. (i.e they pay you more)

    If you are in Philippines, the local search volume could be low - and doesn't matter really. Use a proxy or something to get the US, UK, Aus search volumes.

    I believe Google has a business channel on YouTube, which can give you information to get started.
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    Hi Aragorn

    I will try to answer as best I can...

    Advertiser Competition:
    The competition bar is the amount of advertisers bidding on that term via Adwords. It is often a pretty decent gauge on the type of competition you can expect in the market - but remember the competition for that term is always going to be higher than what you see since not everyone is using Adwords. I use it to tell the amount of (what I consider to be) serious competition as I have often noticed that a lot of the additional sites revolving around that keyword are older un-updated blogs or landing pages that are generally fairly easy to outrank.

    Local search volume and Global search volume are confusing terms. Basically, local search volume is the amount of searches for that term that Google has seen over the past month in the US only. Global search volume is the estimated average search volume based on the past 12 months of searches via Google including results outside of the U.S .

    Downloading the data is useful if you want to import the data into your adwords account or analyze it offline. Newer versions of excel also have a useful tool for analyzing this data for you - there are also some Adwords software programs that use the import feature. If you are just starting out - ignore the download option for now or just use it to easily track the terms you want to bid on and delete lines that aren't a good match for you.
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    Thank you very much for all youre reply....
    Now im starting to get some answers...
    just keep it coming...
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