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I found a niche that I would like to do and its being searched at lot. The keyword is about 9million searches. Will that take up a lot of work or it just depends on how much backlinks they have? The first 1-2 pages have lots of content too. I was able to rank for sites at 10mil with only 2-3 articles and backlinks and it took me about a week but the competition also didn't have much content Any advice for the noob
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    It really depends on the type of sites you are competing against. It is hard to give any more direct advice without specifics. Here is my recommendation:

    Install a program like SEO for firefox or SEO quake
    Do a search for your keyword term using quotation marks around the term
    Check out the top listed sites using the add-ons to check how many backlinks they have, whether or not they use adwords, etc.
    Do another search without the quotation marks and do the same for those sites as well.

    This should give you a pretty good idea of how hard it would be to outrank these sites for that term
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    o ok..ic now.. the #10 page has pages and pages of results with quotes. This might be very difficult to do then.
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